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Men Undercut

The undercut, also known as curtained hair, is a unique style that involves short hair on the side of the head and the top is longer. The styling will vary from one to another, but the main idea is to have shorter sides and a longer top section. Here is a look at the different undercut men hairstyles.

Short on sides long on top

This is supposedly the most common style, whereby, the sides will be short enough. There will be a section that divides the sides and the top. The hair fades from the top of the head, down to the ears. On the other hand, the top section is longer, and it will not necessarily need styling.

Medium top

With this style, the sides are trimmed off, and the top has a medium-sized hair length. It will also not entail much styling though it can be flicked towards the back. The styling will depend on the desire of the person and the shape of the face.

For short hair

The short curtained hair will also be simple enough though it has plenty of styling that can be added to make it look trendier. The patterns and designs can also be applied on the sides, but the sides will appear more shaved than the top.

For long hair

This one is ideal for men with shoulder-length hair. This is because the long hair will appear complete when one side is cropped, while the other part is flicked to lay towards the shoulder. The side from the nape of the neck to the side of the front of the ear will have trimmed hair that is visibly short. The other part of the head will have long hair, which will be layered on the other side of the head.

With shaved sides

While some undercut men hairstyles are only trimmed off to look shorter than the top, this style involves completely cropped sides. The sides will be bald, and the top will have any other style, depending on the hair length and type.

For curly hair

This hairdo can come in different styles. It can have the Mohawk style with the shaved sides, which is ideally the best choice for curly hair curtained hair.

For blonde hair

The blonde hair involves the long hair or the slicked top towards the back. Some blondes will have a spiky top, which also looks good.

For natural hair

The natural hair shaved sides is a simple curtained hair that is all about shaving the sides and leaving the top with the natural flow and style. There are no dyes or styling involved.

Side undercut

This is a common style that entails only one side, without the back, cropped and the other part is styled. It is an ideal choice for the long hair style.

With slicked hair

Many men in the recent years have their top slicked backwards and the sides shaved. The top section will have medium hair that should be thick enough to look amazing.

With beard

An undercut hairdo goes well with beards, since the two are almost a reflection of the other. For that, they help to create a balance. The beard will appear to fade from the chin towards the sideburns, while the curtained hair will fade from the top to the sides and back.

With receding hairline

This is another style that is both unique and trendy. The top is not as long as such, and the sides are also cropped at low levels.

With dreads

Dreads are strong to keep, and they give you a bad boy look. For that, ensure that you talk to your hairstylist to have the right hairdo.

Back undercut

This style entails short sides and back, the hair on top is long, and the sides are short. The hair is then slicked to the back.

For boys

The curtained hair for boys is more youth-like, and it will entail more designs and patterns on the sides.


Several celebrities have had the undercut hairdo like David Beckham. Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Gomez, and Olivier Giroud are also some common celebs that have the curtained hair.

How to:

Styling an undercut

To pull off a perfect style, you would slick the hair either to the side or towards the back. This should be at an angle, starting from the angle where the hair starts parting. You can make the hair slightly puff, or you can flatten it, depending on what suits you best. A wide-tooth comb can be perfect if you want to manipulate the style. This will be handy if you have wavy hair. For straight hair, just use the standard comb.

Styling A Mens Undercut in 5 Minutes

How to cut


Cutting the curtained hair is not such a big task. Here, it is all about cropping the back and sides to a levelled size. The top should be left at about four to six inches, which must also be even.

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Tips and tricks

As you are styling your undercut, you will first need to consider the shape of your face and the size and type of your hair. If the hair needs some styling, do it after you shave your sides and back. Always know and be sure of how you will look when the hairdo is completely done.

The common types of faces are the oval face which has a slightly longer face than its width. A square face is angular, and has straight sides, with a sharp jawbone. A triangular face has a wide cheekbone area, plenty of angles, and a thin chin. A round face has equal width and length, with the cheekbone appearing rounded.
The different types of hair include the straight hair, curly hair, kinky hair, which has the afro-texture, and the wavy hair.

Face Shape & Hair Type recommendations and contraindications

With many face shapes, this hairdo goes well with such faces like square face, oval face or triangular face. It will also look good if you have a thin straight hair or straight hair. This one will need you to use some conditioner to make it soft enough to style differently.

Disconnected Undercut: What to Tell Your Barber

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Recommended Products

The recommended products include the hair wax, which makes it resistance to humidity and have a natural finish. Pomade is another product that will keep your hair waxy and greasy. It helps to make the hair look slick and shiny. You might also need a hair get and a hair mousse. Hair straightener and hair gel can also play a huge role.

History, facts

This hairdo existed back in 1920, and it has been worn by some notable persons, like Adolf Hitler. Initially, it was linked to the poor, since they did not afford to get a full haircut. Later on, the young working men, and the street gangs switched to this style.

In the recent culture, the hairstyle was linked to villains in movies. Such characters like Jonny Depp as the gangster, John Dillinger, and Hannibal Lecter in the movie Hannibal Rising.

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