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The Taper and Regular Hairstyles for Men

Regular Taper and SidePart haircuts

Most men prefer to keep short hairs as they are considered more decent and are also thought to be more masculine. However, there have been many changes and advancement in male hairdos as people get more creative and bold enough to get out of the comfort zone of the traditional short haircuts. One of the styles that have been adopted by men globally so as to try and bring something new and fresh to the types of hair that they wear is the taper. Although it is more often as part of other hairdos, it can make even the dullest haircuts look splendid. A taper or tapering is a technique used in shaving where the hairs are gradually reduced in size as you move away from the crown. It is a type of fade but what makes it a sharp cut is that it keeps more length than most types of fades. As its popularity continues to increase new variations of this cut are always coming up. However the number of levels in this style has remained almost the same over the years.

Taper Levels

Classic Taper

This is the original taper level, and it is fair to say all the others draw some inspiration from this cut. It is an easy haircut to maintain and is also very masculine and never goes out of style. The hair length on the tapered side of this cut is small but what makes it unique is that it does not disappear even as you move very close to the back and ears.

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High Taper

The high taper is almost the same level as the classic but what makes it distinct is that it maintains a longer hair just after the crown where the tapering starts.

Mid Taper

Mid-taper is done with either number three or two, and the tapering creates a disconnection like an appearance, but it keeps more hairs on the sides than the high taper but not as much as the low taper. It is somewhere between the two cuts.

Low/Moderate Taper

In this level, the tapering is more gradual and extends to the sides and back. Most men like to combine it with the sideburns so that everything looks connected.

Types of Taper Haircut

Taper Fade


Most people who are not very familiar with this cut are always asking what the difference is between a fade and a taper. However, this is very simple as the difference is just in the size maintained. Whereas for a fade the reduction in length is very gradual for the taper this is not the case as you can even see the hairline where tapering starts or ends.

Taper Fade Afro

This cut is often adopted by African Americans who like to keep the afro. It adds some uniqueness to the afro, and it can be used to breathe some fresh life into this traditional cut. Here the afro is maintained on the crown while the back and sides are tapered short.

Skin Taper

Skin tapering is a bolder look for men who like experimenting with their hairs. It starts off like any other taper but what makes it distinct is that the hair is shaved very close to the skin as you approach the ears and on the back.

Temple Taper Haircut

For this cut hair is tapered from the temple going downwards to the back just like a temple fade but the difference being that tapering creates an overall longer hair than the fade, and you can clearly see how the hair reduces in size as you move from the temple.

Short Taper

This cut is for men who like to keep short haircuts. The tapering done on the sides and back for this hairdos helps to focus more attention on the design of the crown that can be anything from short spikes to Caesar cut.

Long Taper Haircut

Tapering may not be very visible in longer hairs, but it plays a significant role in making the style look incredible. For example, if the long hair is pulled into a topknot or ponytail it will look more attractive when the sides are tapered rather than just trimming.

Taper Mohawk

The tapered hawk is a creative variation of the famous Mohawk but since the sides are not given a clean shave it is correct to refer to it as a faux hawk rather than a Mohawk. Instead of just cutting the sides short like in the faux hawk they are gradually reduced as you move towards the ear and back for a more appealing look.

Tight Taper

This taper is a near skin fade but still has some visible length, and it is blended in perfectly with a significant height at the top that is usually styled into a short pompadour in most cases. It’s a great hairdo for men who like to keep perfect hairstyles but will require some skills to get it right.

Clean Taper

A clean taper can be many things, but for any other form or tapering to be referred as such, it has to demonstrate a keen attention to detail starting with how the lines are shaved to how the hairs are reduced. This taper is often part of formal business hairdos that men like to wear to the office and select professional occasions.

Comb Over

The Side Part Haircut


The side part is a simple line that is created on one or both sides of the head either with a razor or using a comb to separate the hairs on the crown from those on the back and sides. It is just a line, but it can have an immense effect on the appearance of the haircut. In fact, many styles cannot be complete without the introduction of this line. The following are some of the common ways that people prefer to have the side parts.

Long Hair Side Part

The side part can work for different types of long hair. For example, it can be used to separate the long curls or spikes at the top from the undercut or tapered sides. Apart from this, the part can also be used to divide the hair into two portions so that it becomes possible to slick or push one to the back and the other portion to the side.

Short Hair Side Part

This is the most common application for side parts, and they are used on classic styles such as the pompadour that cannot be complete without parting it in the sides. However, the best thing with short hair is that you can introduce the side part on almost any hairdo, and it will still look attractive.

Shave Side Part

Here the side part is made by cleanly shaving of trimming the sides very close. It is a modern style for men who like to wear different types of the buzz cut, and Caesar cut at the crown hairs only. Shaving the sides will not only create a beautiful part but also ensures that all the attention remains on the top.

Deep Side Part

The deep side part is formed with a hard part line that stretches up to the center or all the way to the back in some cuts. You can leave the hard side part simple, or you can enhance its appearance with the introduction of some cool designs on the sides.


Weave hairstyles with Side Part

Business Haircuts

Business Style For Long Hair

Business hairstyles should be kept neat and decent, and so there are not very many options available to wear this look with your long hair. One great option is to pull the hair together into a ponytail at the back. You can also apply some gel and then push it back with a comb.

Short Business Haircut

This is where a man will have unlimited options as he can wear almost anything that he can think of provided he keeps it short and neat. Traditional military cuts such as the buzz cut, flattop and high and tight make amazing short business haircuts.

Taper Business Haircut

Whether the hair is long or short, you can always spice it up by tapering the sides. However, you should choose a tapering level that goes with the particular hairdo you want to keep. For example, for very short top designs such as the buzz cut, a high taper will be perfect while a low taper works well for haircuts such as the pompadour.

Professional Haircuts

Professional haircuts are more or less the same as the business haircuts and so the secret to getting a perfect one is keeping the hair neat and simple regardless of whether you keep long or short hair. However, some professionals such as the military accept only specific haircuts and so this means that the particular profession you are involved in may dictate what you can wear and what you can’t.

How to Cut a Taper

  • Step 1: Scissor trim you hair if you have very long hairs and leave it at only a couple of inches
  • Step 2: Decide on the type of taper and the level that you want.
  • Step 3: Start the tapering from the top and work your way towards the back as you gradually reduce the size,
  • Step 4: Brush it over with a lower taper number than what you were using for a perfect finish.

Step by Step Skin Taper Fade Haircut

High Skin Taper

How to Ask Your Barber for a Taper Haircut

Now that you have decides that you want a taper and are planning to visit the barber soon the chances are that you will not know how to ask for the cut. As common as this cut may be it is not possible for the barber to figure out what you want without giving him enough information. The best way to ask for this cut is to use the taper numbers but if you do not understand them well, then the second best thing is to use a photo of the particular taper you want.

Face Shape & Hair Type Recommendations/Contraindications

Taper haircut is among the very few that can be worn by any man regardless of their hair type or face shape. In fact, even men with receding strands can still look incredible in this haircut provided they do it right. The only thing to keep in mind is that the taper cut will enhance the style of your crown, and so you should go with a tapering design that blends in perfectly with your crown hairs.

Medium Taper Haircut:

Tricks and Tips

  • Make sure that you understand the taper numbers as you cannot get the right style without knowing them.
  • A taper should always complement the hairdo on the crown and not vice versa.
  • Although a taper is still a type of fade, you should avoid using fading techniques to lessen your hairs as this does not work well.
  • Since the tapered hair grows back very fast, you should visit your barber regularly for some retouch and use a quality hair product to keep the hair looking sharp.

Recommended Products

Tapered hair is usually very short, and so you will not require using any special product on it except for some shampoo to keep it clean. However, tapering is a part of another style in most cases, and so you will probably need to use some pomade or gel depending on what you have on the crown. To maintain a healthy hair and to encourage uniform growth you should keep away from artificial products and only use natural oils.


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