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Short Men Haircuts

Short Men Haircuts

Men like to keep short haircuts as they are very easy to wear and maintain. Short hairdos are also more formal and professional, and they are also more masculine. In the past men did not consider styling their hairs as necessary as they do today and so most preferred to cut their strands as short as possible and do minimal styling as this was thought to be manlier. However, this has changed tremendously and now more men know that they can still keep things short and wear an intricate hairdo. There are now more short haircuts for men than any other time, and they range from classic ones such as the pompadour to simpler one such as the buzz cut and other military cuts. What makes these short styles very popular is that they are nondiscriminatory, and any man can wear them regardless of their hair type or skin tone. Whether you want to something simple that you can wear to the office or something fancy for a casual or outdoor look, there are many ideas that you can try with your short hair. In fact, there are probably more haircuts for short hair than for long ones. And so the only thing that will stand between you and an elegant cut is your creativity and the skills of your barber.

Short Hair Trends

Traditionally men used to shave their hair short to about less than an inch and have it combed back or just leave it as it is. However, this has since changed as men realize that they can have fancy designs even with their short strands. Rather than just keep a simple design the trend nowadays is to fade the sides and have some patterns and designs. You can also make the top into fancy styles such as pompadours or high tops with a side part. Huffingtonpost is recommend you to show These Short Men’s Hairstyles To Your Barber.

Modern Short Haircuts

The modern short haircuts redefine what would traditionally be known as short as they are not only longer but more intricately styled. However, the main characteristic of these modern short haircuts is that they make use of tapering and fading, and this spices them up for a more modern look. Other men will also prefer to have braids or curls on the short section rather than leave them simple as in the old hairdos. With the modern haircuts, there are also no limitations as to what you can do to your hair since they are not as conservative as the traditional cuts. There are also no specific parameters that you have to adhere to for your style to be considered a short haircut.

Casual Short Haircuts

A casual hairstyle should be simple and relaxed so that you can wear it to the beach or to any other informal events that you may wish. Casual short haircuts give you the freedom to have anything that you want, and the only limitation is that you have to keep the hairs at just a couple of inches long. Some of the most popular casual short haircuts include the messy and wavy tops, faux hawk and short dreads. With these styles, you can have the sides shaved bold or just taper them to enhance the casual look.

Short Sides Haircuts

Short sides and a longer top is one of the most if not the most famous hairdo for men. Men prefer this style as it makes it easier for them to showcase a style, and it is also easier to have and maintain. For this style, some men will prefer to shave the sides bold but most will have them tapered or faded. Regardless of what you choose to do with the shorts sides, the style of the crown is what determines how you look, and so you should choose it keenly. A short pompadour or high and tight at the crown looks amazing when the sides are shaved short, but it still has to go with you face shape for it to look fantastic. For example, if you have a square face shape a high flat top with short sides will look lovely on you whereas a Caesar with shaved sides will look fantastic for a round or oval face shape.

Extra Short Haircuts

Some men will prefer to have as few hairs on their head as possible but would still not want to go all bold. For this type of men, there are many extra short hairdos that they can wear, but most of them are military cuts. One of the most popular extra short hairstyles for men is the induction cut that is a half sleeve cut that boys and men wear when enlisting in the military. It gives them a serious look, and it is shaved using the razor with sides cut to an almost bold level. Most other short hairstyles can also be made extra short by cutting them to half the size they would normally be or tapering them.

The most Popular Short Haircuts




In these haircuts the top is trimmed and shaped to any style that you like but instead of having the sides just short you can have a fade design. Fading the sides helps to create a trendy look, and it is also more modern.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is the most popular short haircut for men, and it is what gives other modern short cuts their inspiration. There are also several types of the buzz, and they are classified mostly according to the clipper number that they are shaved using. However, styles such as the Ivy League, flat top, crew cut and the butch cut can all be classified as a buzz cut. Although they all have distinct styles, they also have all the characteristics of the buzz. The central component of this hairdo is that it involves shaving the hair very closely to the scalp but does not expose it. Some modern variations often leave some hair in particular places so that they can have some intricate patterns and designs. The main advantage of this style is that it is easy to cut and maintain and suits all hair types. Just like any other, it also has some demerits that include the fact that the hair is too short, and so you cannot have different styles from the same cut. Wentworth Miller and David Beckham are two celebrities that are known to rock this hairdo with style.

Crew Cut


Originally the crew cut and flat top were known as pompadour, short pompadour or the brush cut. Although these names have faded away, the crew cut still retains most of the characteristics it had before. This style is one of the oldest since it has been around since the 18th century and it has barely changed. Although you can trim this style in many ways, its main characteristic is a longer crown with faded or tapered sides. Men who wear this style often prefer to have a longer top with the sides faded to connect with the facial hairs. It uses both a razor and scissor to cut but unlike the buzz, you will require having longer strands to have it as it maintains a couple of inches on the crown. Its biggest advantage is the fact that you do not have to shave your strands very short. However, this can be a disadvantage to some men as it will require more maintenance. The crew is suitable for men who want to make their face look round since the longer top can frame your face and make it look slimmer than other styles.

Butch Haircut

The butch cut gets inspiration from the buzz, but they are not the same. However, it will be accurate to say that a Butch is a buzz cut, but the opposite (a buzz cut is a butch) is not necessarily true. This style is shaved using the clippers with the guards at between 3 and 5, and it is very popular with boys due to its low maintenance. It has smooth flowing short strands that look like they have been relaxed and sharp angles on the forehead. It might not be very easy to get, and so you should only use a professional barber or else you will end with a very short buzz cut instead. A couple of years ago Brad Pitt used to wear perfect butch cuts occasionally.



Just as the name suggests, the flat top is characterized by a flat crown that can either be scissor trimmed or shaved with the Clippers. The size of the hairs on the top section will depend on the wearer, and the look that they want to pull because any length can fall in this category provided you keep things flat. With this style, you have to keep a longer hair to get it right. This is simply because your stylist should have enough length to work with to create the style for you. It can also be referred to as a high and flat if you keep the crown a couple of inches long. The sides should be smooth, but you can fade them to make your look more modern. It is an impeccable style for formal looks, but its greatest disadvantage is that it will take a lot of effort to keep the crown flat especially if you have it long.

Ivy League

Other nicknames given to the Ivy League haircuts are the Princeton haircut or the Harvard clip, and it is one of those styles that many parents like their boys to have on a school picture day. The Ivy League is a vintage haircut that has a hard side part at the top and slicked-down sides. Although it is an old school style, it is still one of the most polished and classy styles available. Since it is not an everyday style, it will require a pro to get, and you should have some nice length. Maintenance will also be an issue for most men as you have to use a lot of gel or pomade and style it every time you need to go out. However, it is suitable for all face shapes but will look better on oval and round. Matt Damon and Ryan Gosling are two examples of celebrities who like to wear the Harvard clip.

High and Tight


The high and tight is a military variation of the famous crew cut. Since it is a military cut, it is very straight and straightforward making it one of the most regular short men haircuts. For this style, the sides and back are shaved almost bald, and a shortly trimmed and nice hair is on the top. Although it is very short it can work for most types of hair including curly as it creates a unique feel. Maintenance should not be an issue with this cut as you only need to gel the few strands at the top and do occasional trims. It is also very easy to wear as it is very straightforward and you will not even need to have very long strands.


A recon haircut is an extreme variation of the high and tight, and it is meant to be an aggressive cut and to show some attitude when worn by a soldier. Unlike the high and tight it sits higher on the scalp to create a landing strip that looks like a rectangle patch of hair. The sides and back are shaved as close as possible while the landing strip or the patch of hair requires a guard length number of anything between one and four. A recon is a very easy style to wear and requires no maintenance at all, but it would be a bad idea to have it if you are exposed to the sun most of the time as it makes it easy to get sunburns. You can have it for any hair type, but if you have an oblong or square face shape, you will probably want to avoid it as it will not look very attractive.

Short Taper Fade

In the modern era, most men will prefer to keep the sides and back of their head shorter than the crown. However, unlike in the past they are not shaved bald or just close to the scalp and they are instead faded. Fading is a design used to reduce the already short sides gradually or in a pattern as you move towards the back and to the ears. Any short haircut can have the short taper cut on the sides, and you can choose anything from high, mid, temple and many other fades. What gives rise to these different types of fade is the level at which the hair disappears and the pattern that they form. A fade is easy to wear if you use a professional service but the only disadvantage is that since the hair is very short the design will disappear faster as the hair grows back, and so you may need to visit you barber more often for a retouch.

Regular Taper

A taper is a type of fade as it also involves reducing the hair gradually as you move towards the back and ears. However, a regular taper requires longer hairs, and you can clearly see the hairlines and where the size changes. Tapering is what helps to create styles such as the side parts because it contributes to establishing a distinction between the two levels of hair. It can also be used to create professional looks, and it is also the standard style for a businessperson cut. You can have a taper with any hair type, and it also works well for all face shapes as there are many ways to have it in a haircut. However to have the regular taper it would be recommended to have longer strands on the sides. You cannot have the taper with a very short hair as is the case for a fade.

Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut gets inspiration from Julius Caesar, and it is no surprise that it takes its name from him. It is an old cut that the famous Roman emperor used to wear, but centuries later it has received many variations. The main characteristic of this hairdo is that it leaves longer bangs at the top that are then styled forward over the forehead. However, the bangs can be uniform size throughout, but you have to push the front ones forward. This unique style is best suited for men or boys who have broad foreheads or long faces as it helps to bring balance and conceal this physical feature. It is not very complicated to wear the Caesar haircut, but you need to use the services of someone who knows how to use the scissors well to do the trimming for you. Jim Carrey has spotted this cut is several movies, and it seems to work well for him.


Adding some color will spice up things and give you a refined look and contrary to what most people think you do not have to keep very long locks to get highlights on your hair. Whether you have spikes or a simple Caesar, painting can help you add a touch of class to your looks. However, it is important to choose bold colors and also go moderate with the highlights.


Men Undercut

What makes the undercut special is the fact that you can cut it in many ways, and it will work for any hair type and length. In fact, you can still have the undercut with less than an inch of hair on your head. However, to wear this style on short hair, you should also include a side part to create a distinction and disconnect between the short hair and the undercut.


With proper trimming and use of styling product, you can still get an afro even with your short strands. Since the locks are very short, the idea is to get an afro texture on your strands. An afro has a very natural look, and it is perfect for men who have thick strands.

Mohawk and Fauxhawk


Provided you have some hair on you head you can still have a Mohawk no matter how short or long it may be. The idea behind a Mohawk is to make the sides bold or, at least, shorter than the middle to create a faux hawk. Although there are many fancy designs that you can have, the Fohawk is by far the most popular. A Fohawk involves using gel to spike the hairs left in the middle section.

The Shape-Up

Whether you have a buzz cut, Caesar cut or flattop you can enhance it with a shape-up. The shape-up or edge-up involves straightening the hairline with Clippers. Shaping up the hairline adds some vibe and style to your haircut, and it can make simple cuts such as the buzz look more detailed and polished.

Razored Short Hairs

Short locks do not have to be plain and straightforward as you can make yours look fancier with a razored haircut. What makes a razored haircut unique is that it gives the short strands an edgy finish, unlike the scissors that create a straight finish. The pointier tips created by a razored cut create a beautiful design that would make a man look trendy.

Crop Haircuts

The crop haircut or the French Crop is one of the easiest styles for men with short strands. What makes it easy to maintain is the fact that it is cut very close to the scalp with the top slightly longer than the buzzed sides. The top can either be combed forward like a Caesar cut or brushed to the side depending on its length.

Boys Short Haircuts

Selecting a boys haircut can be daunting if you do not know the many options available and how to choose the best. The best thing with boy haircuts is that they have no limitations. Boys have some soft, healthy strands that you can cut into almost anything that you want. Any boy cut that you choose for your son should not only make him look handsome but should also give him more confidence. Boy’s haircuts come in different shapes and designs, and they are also very easy to shave provided you have an idea of what you want the boy to look like after the cut. Short hairstyles for boys may include fancy styles such as faux hawks and Mohawks or other simpler designs such a short spiky locks and the classic Caesar cut.

How to Style Short Hair for Men

How-To Classic Men’s Formal & Casual Short Hairstyles

Styling short hair is very simple since you do not have a lot of hair. However, the style will rely a lot on the use of a hold product such as gel or pomade. The complexity and method of styling will also depend on the particular hairdo that you want to wear. However, most styles will start with cleaning with shampoos and conditioning after the cut. You should then towel dry the strands and then apply the product of your choice. After this, you can then have the style that you prefer and finish with a hairspray.

The Classic Short Back and Sides

Face Shape and Hair Type Recommendations/Contraindications

The best thing about short haircuts is that they are non-discriminatory as men with different hair types can have them. However, most of them will only be suitable for those with round face shape or any other symmetrical shape. The reason for this is because you cannot be able to hide any facial features in this style as the strands are very short.

Short Hair Tips and Tricks

  • Always make sure that you get the right cut by using the services of a skilled barber. Just because you are keeping things short, it does not mean that any barber can get it right and so you should always go to a proper salon.
  • Be gentle on the products that you use and only go for natural ones from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Wash and towel your hair regularly and skip the comb as often as possible or when it is not necessary.
  • With short haircuts, you should have it retouched more frequently than with long ones since even a couple of day’s growth makes a big difference.
  • Look 3 Short Man Style Tips – Real World Examples From Peter Li at realmenrealstyle.com

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