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Shag Haircut for men

Shag Haircut for men

The shag haircut refers to hair has been set to different lengths through layering. It originated from a barber called Paul McGregor. Feathering of the layers is normally done at the sides and top. The hair around the crown looks full because of the layers while it thins into fridges as it moves further to the edges. It was popularized in the 70s after being worn by numerous celebrities such as David Cassidy, Rod Stewart, and Mick Jagger.

This hairstyle is constantly updated. It works on short, medium, and long hair. Celebrities who have had this haircut include Johnnie Depp and Brad Pitt who have been spotted wearing different variations of this hairstyle. Any person can have this type of haircut. For those who have curly hair, they should try a similar style to that kit Harrington was wearing.

If you have straight hair, then you can easily achieve shag similar to what Jesse Spencer or Brad Pitt has. Shag hairstyles for men work on almost every hair density, texture, and length without any difficulties for any event or occasion. This gives one the flexibility and a variety of choices.


Short hairstyles are ideal for people who have thin hair, square or chubby faces. For your thin hair, this hairstyle will be the most appropriate since it gives you a fascinating look and gives it a better texture. For those with a square face, this hairstyle will also fit them perfectly since it will cover the face giving it a perfect look.


This type of haircut is made possible by the layered cut. It is also great for men who have medium hair and it looks great on styles that are parted on the sides. In order to keep this haircut looking attractive, you need to keep it messy or have a tousled look. If your hair is naturally wavy, then you will achieve your desired look much faster.

If you have fine hair and still want to have a medium hairstyle, then you should choose the messy look. Side bangs look great on straight and fine hair. They make this hairstyle look full by completing it, therefore, go for long side bangs. For additional volume, tease your part hair and apply hair spray. Avoid using wax or hair gel in order to avoid a hairstyle looking thinner.


It is now becoming a popular trend to spot men with long hair. One of the most popular is the shag hairstyle since it creates a lot of convenience. It is easy to set up and can be done on any face. Long shag hairstyles exist in many different variations and you should choose one that reflects your personality. A popular style of this haircut is the hairstyle for straight hair. It adjusts well with the shape of the head and produces a finished look.


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How to Cut a Shag Haircut

How to Cut Shaggy Bangs for Men. Hair & Grooming Tips:

Cutting the hair to have a shag look is a simple activity that can take only a short while. It works with adults, children, and teenagers. Shag haircut has been known to add volume to hair and can increase thin hair.

  • The first step involves spraying the hair with hair mister. It is advisable to ensure that the entire head is damp. However, it does not mean spraying excessively until the water is dripping from the head. In order to achieve an accurate haircut, the hair should be lightly damp.
  • Request the person to turn his head upside down so that you can secure a ponytail on his head crown. When he resumes a normal position, cut the ponytail off with scissors immediately above the holder of the ponytail. After removing the ponytail holder, you will notice that layers have been created, shortest at the crown and looking longer as they move farther from the crown.
  • Using a comb, lift hair at the section which is farthest from the crown, near the bottom part of his head.
  • Using your razor, slice the hairs that are sticking out of the comb. When cutting the hair, apply short slicing motions to achieve a uniform look while maintaining the razor at 45 degrees. This process helps to remove some parts of the hair while retaining others that have the original length.
  • This razor process should be repeated all over the head as you move towards the crown. This razor method will help you achieve a shag haircut.
  • Dry the hair of the person with a hair dryer.
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Starting with a shampoo, apply styling mousse evenly through your hair and then blow-dry it. As you are blow-drying it, run your fingers repeatedly through your hair in order to attain that tousled look. You can then shape your hair the way you want it to be, using your fingers. Make sure that the hair dries completely. If you have thin hair, you can apply volumising mousse before you have dried it with a blower. For additional structure, run styling gel through your hair before blow-drying it. For accentuated hair ends and individual strands, you can use a hair wax.

Tips and Tricks

The main benefit of this hairstyle is that it requires very minimal maintenance. However, they require regular trims every 5 weeks depending on the type of hair of a person. After it has been washed, it can be left to dry on its own by air or using a hair dryer. It is advisable to regularly use a conditioner in order to prevent tangling among the layers and to maintain the style looking healthy. If you want to let the style grow out, then you should wait for around 10 weeks. Split or messy ends of this hairstyle are not noticeable as compared to other types of hairstyles.

After the grow-out phase, the layers can be allowed to blend in with the hair through trimming while making sure too much length is not taken off. The shag can then be converted into more subtle and smoother hairstyle. These hairstyles are good for anyone who does not like spending hours in the salon every week.


In today’s modern world, trends change almost daily. However, there are those which refuse to go away and keep on evolving. A good example is this type of hairstyle. It has been in existence for more than 40 years and it keeps on changing depending on the preference of the person wearing it.

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