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The quiff haircut remains one of the most iconic of all time and has been worn since the 1950s. It is a style that has managed to make its own presence felt. It is an alternative to the pompadour which also remains a popular style. It is suitable for a wide range of faces, heads and personal styles. Whether you are a musician, or simply looking for a cut to wear at the office dinner, the quaff is suitable for all occasions.

The Classic Quiff

Unlike the conventional ones, the classic quiff requires more balance. Therefore, the hair stylist is required to keep some length at the sides and back while also maintaining a hairline that is clean and sharp. The length of the hair at the sides and back can be varied. However, it should always be trimmed to a shorter length than the top so as to maintain a definitive contrast.

The Modern Quiff

This hairstyle emerged as the answer to the classic style. It is a clean hairstyle that has minimal personality attached to it. A sharp fade on the sides will produce a modern and sharp look while a less distinct fade will give a feel that is more relaxed.

The Psychobilly Quiff

Hairstylists refer to it as the punk version of the rockabilly. It combines a classic rockabilly, a mohawk and an undercut quiff. This haircut is sometimes referred as the wedge due to the sharp angles the hair is designed into. In addition to that, it is a good style for people looking for dapper ways to maintain their edge.


These are normally styled on people who have more hair on the top. As such, variety of different looks and finishes can be attained with just a mere change of the styling product. On top of the length, you can also play along with the texture and volume of the hair. Different styles can be achieved depending on your preference.


This is similar in many aspects to the modern one. However, the hair is cut into a more casual and younger feel. The top is normally cut shorter at around 2-4 inches. This is then accompanied by an undercut or a sharp fade on the sides. It is ideal for people seeking a clean and cut look.


This is similar in many ways to the long variation. Moreover, the main difference is the type of hairstyle worn by the person. When the sides are cut short and it is back and styled up, then it produces a polished and less sleek but a more relaxed and artistic feel.

Contemporary Quiff

This one is a sleeker and sharper approach to the old school style. It requires a cut that has aggressively short hair at the sides and back and plenty of length on top. Some good examples of this unique style produce maximum scalp exposure. If the contrast is more dramatic, then the quiff will be more eye-catching.

The contemporary can be attained on all types of hairs, including unruly or poker straight. You should ask your hair stylist to keep the air at the crown area very short so that the volume of the quiff at the front can be accentuated. In order to achieve a more balanced look on top, then you can maintain length throughout.

Side Quiff

This is just a variation of the modern quiff. However, there is an added clean line to make it more pronounced. It can be done by a simple part of the hair or visiting a barber to cut and part the hair and give it make it look more defined. When a barber cuts a part into the hairstyle, it makes it look more stylish.

For boys


One of the most famous celebrities known for popularizing the quiff is Elvis, who is regarded as the King of Rock And Roll. His hairstyle created a craze in the 50s. Moving on to the 1980s was john Travolta who wore a more evolved form of this hairstyle. The sides of his hairstyle were longer. The top was shaped into a curly quiff. This was achieved through the use of promenade and kept in shape with hair spray.

In recent years, several variations of this hairstyle have been worn by David Beckham during different occasions. His initial styles involved maintaining length on the back and sides. However, has moved on to a shorter and softer look which is contemporary but still good for his age. Other celebrities who have used this style include Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, James Dean, Adam Levine, Zac Efron and David Gandy.


Undercut Quiff Hairstyle ☆ Professional hairstyling tips for men:

This hairstyle can be styled in a host of different ways. This is dependent on the hair volume, length, texture and the type of finish that the person seeks to achieve. Starting with the following steps, you can style it the way you want it to appear.

  • With a dry towel and shampooed hair, a wet styling product should be applied to the hair and then combed through for even distribution.
  • The next step is to blow-dry the hair with the use of a hair dryer that has been set to the lowest speed and highest temperature settings. The hair on top of the head should then be swept to one side with the use of a vented brush. The hair dryer should then follow the brush at the same time so that the airflow can be directed through the vents in the brush and then to the hair. In order to avoid overheating, it should be kept at around 3cm from the brush.
  • Repeat the procedure on the opposite side, when the hair is 50% dry moving in the opposite direction.
  • Using your hair dryer, brush your hair back and upward. Make sure you are doing this away from the temples and forehead. Repeat that process until the hair is totally dry.

How to style Modern Quiff:

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Recommended Products

Depending on the type of finish that you desire, you should apply the right products. Furthermore, if you are looking to attain maximum volume from thin hair, you should consider volumising spray or sea salt just before drying it with a blower. Other products that also work well include Evo Root Canal, Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray, and O & M Sea Salt Bomb Spray.

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Quiff hairstyles have been worn for more than sixty years. From the classic to the modern, from the long to curly ones, they come in different styles and forms. It is also a trend that has been worn by many famous personalities and its popularity continues to grow.

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