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Mullet men hairstyle

No other haircut has been subject to as much ridicule as the mullet. Since its hype in the 70’s and 80’s people have always made jokes about this cut as some people consider it awkward and even funny. This has made people refer to it with nicknames such as Ape Drape and Beaver Paddle. However, it has not affected its popularity in any way since it’s among the most popularly worn cuts for people with medium and longer hairs. The mullet is a simple cut that involves a shorter front and longer back. The hairs in the front are scissor trimmed flat while a longer hair is left after the crown. This longer hair is then pushed back over the neck to create the distinctive mullet look.

History of the Mullet

There is a common misconception that the classic mullet originated in the USA in the 80’s but according to historical evidence; this is not true as it can be found on portraits and other images from centuries earlier. Even the great Sphinx in Egypt that was made 4,500 years ago is a perfect example of the mullet. However, the mullet of the 80’s is the most popular one, and it is also what brought this style to the limelight. From TV personalities to sports superstars everyone wanted to try the mullet’s even if it was considered a symbol of a low social class. It remained in trend till the early 90’s but then disappeared only to resurface in the last couple of years as a variation of different modern hairdos.

Mullet with Mohawk

This is one of the most beautiful variations of this cut, and it is also one of the most famous ones. It involves a regular Mohawk but rather than leave the middle hairs plain they are scissor trimmed at the front and shaped into a mullet at the back.

Emo Mullet Haircut

Adding a modern touch to any style always makes it look more attractive as demonstrated by this hairdo. Here the mullet is made part of the emo look by leaving a longer front that is pushed forward to cover the forehead and the classic mullet look at the back.

Mullet Pony Tail

There are two ways that you can wear this modern variation with your long hair. First you can divide the hair into two sections and pull the top section into a ponytail while leaving the mullet at the back. The second way is to pull all the strands to the back and into a ponytail. You should then make the ends of the tail into a mullet.

Mullet Wig

If you do not have the right hair type or length, you can still have this style by buying a wig that is created in the exact haircut. And the best thing with this is that there are several colors and sizes available and hence meaning you get exactly what you wish.

Modern Mullet

This mullet is characterized by more creative and bold styling, unlike the traditional boring one. Here the hairs at the back are more textured and voluminous, and some men also make them curly. The front is also not just short as it can have some exquisite styles such as the high top or pompadour.

Redneck Mullet

Redneck Mullets are characterized by extra long hairs at the back, and they are often pushed over the shoulders towards the chest. Most also do not trim the front and instead slick it back for it to look shorter.

Balding Mullet

Balding mullets make an interesting hairstyle especially for men with a receding hairline. The balding look at the front is considered at least eye-catching if not attractive. Whereas some men can wear it from their naturally balding front some will have to shave the crown bald to achieve the same look.

Reverse Mullet

This is also referred to as the “Tellum” which is just mullet spelled backward, and it is made with long hair at the top and shorter or buzzed sides and back. It is the complete reverse of the traditional mullet, and it is a cut that is mostly associated with the Emo style. Sometimes it is also referred to as the front mullet.

Hockey Mullets

Hockey players are some of the people credited with popularizing these haircuts, and theirs are more creative and uniquely styled than the traditional ones. You can find some that are all curly and others that have been flat ironed at the back.

Canadian Mullet

Only Americans come before Canadians in popularizing the mullet. Although the Canadian version is not all that unique one notable feature is that it maintains and almost equal length throughout, and the look is created mostly through styling and not trimming.

Punk Mullet

The punk mullet is a lovely haircut that has no limitations virtually. Although it conforms to the shape of the classic mullet, the hair is usually made spiky or highlighted while the back is longer than the traditional one.

European Mullet Haircut

Europeans are more conservative with their hairdos, and so you should not expect them to wear extra funky cuts. Their mullet is simple with the back being shorter than what you would find in the American Mullet.

Fake Mullet

If you do not have a long hair or are not sure how you will look with a mullet, then you should try the fake mullet. This is a wig that replicates the appearance of the hairdo, and most people will hardly notice it is fake when you are wearing it.

Business Mullet

This cut is not as long as the redneck mullet, and it also does not look like the traditional one. It is usually neatly combed and medium in length to create a decent business appearance.

Spiky Mullet

People wear spiky hair on almost any hair type, and the mullet is not an exception. If you are looking to spice up the traditional classic mullet, then all you have to do is to make the hair spiky from the top to the longer back.

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Celebrity Mullets

Beastie Boys

They probably had the most famous mullets of all time and are even credited with coining and popularizing the term “mullet” in one of their songs.


Apart from his heroic deeds to save the world from evil this fictional character also has a very attractive mullet.

Michael Bolton

Michaels Bolton was always wearing a long mullet almost throughout his entire career, and this is the look that his fans associate with him.

Billy Ray

Bill Ray is not conservative, and so he tries different looks with his hair, but mullets are probably among his favorites.

David Jackson

David Jackson has one of the most famous haircuts in rugby.

Jared Allen

Jared Allen discusses his signature mullet and the accompanying lifestyle it demands.

How to Cut a Mullet

This is one of the simplest styles to cut as everything is very straightforward. The most important thing that you need to do before you go to get this cut is to ensure that you have the right length. Due to the nature of the cut, you should have several inches of hair, especially at the back. For the traditional cut, you should ask the barber to trim the sides and back short and leave a longer layered back. For the classic look, the back hairs should, at least, cover the collar. The ponytail variation, on the other hand, involves a short top and a longer back that is left loose or put into a ponytail

Modern Mullet Siete-Hawk Hairstyle – How to:

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How to Fix and Style a Mullet

The mullet just like any other hairdos will require you to use some quality hair products. To fix it you need a mild shampoo to clean the hair and also some nice conditioner. After this, you should use some gel or pomade to give the hair some excellent hold when styled. If you want a simple style, then you should push the longer hairs to the back with your hands for a natural finish or with a comb for a more decent look.

Creating a Mullet on Your Own

Creating a mullet on your own is very simple if you know how to work with the scissors. However, the complexity of the process will depend on the particular style that you want to wear. The traditional one is very simple as you only need to use scissors to cut the front short and leave the back, at least, collar length. When creating the mullet, you should be careful with the cut so as to ensure that you maintain some uniformity. After the cut, you only need to wash the hair and style it into the type of mullet that you want. If you are not sure how to do the cut, you can have a barber do it for you and then do the styling yourself.

How To Cut a Burst Mullet

How to Ask Your Barber for a Mullet

A mullet is a simple cut and so if you want the traditional cut just tell the barber, and he will give it to you. However, sometimes you may not know the name of the particular type or variation that you want, but you can still get it, One way to ask for it is to show the barber a picture of what you want. If you do not have a photo, you can refer to a celebrity with the particular style to make it easier for the barber to figure it out. However, the most important thing when asking for this cut is to describe the final results you want regardless of whether you have a photo or name of the hairstyle or not.

Face Shape and Hair Type Recommendations

The mullet is not too fancy, and so it goes well with any face shape. There also countless variations and so the barber or stylist should have no trouble figuring out what will work with your face shape. For the hair type, there are mullets for most hairs even for thinning and receding. The balding mullet is perfect for shrinking and thinning strands. This all-inclusiveness is one of the reasons why this cut is so widespread.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always keep a proper length before getting the mullet as this will provide you with plenty of styling options.
  • Adding a modern touch with curls or spikes will make the mullet look more attractive than the traditional one.
  • To ensure that you stay sharp and fresh you should do some trimming after every couple of weeks.
  • Only use high-quality gel or pomade to give it an excellent hold because some products may leave it looking dry or too greasy.

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