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Wide Mohawk Fade

Also known as the gentleman’s Mohawk, this hairstyle has been popularized by Usher. It tends to move away from the traditional strip Mohawk making it look more stylish and classy. It is a wide hairstyle, tapered at the temples and kept darker at the sides. Another component of this hairstyle is a burst fade which refers to a taper that is shifted slightly to a position just above the ear.

Since hair at the sides is all dark, the fade on top of the ear appears as if it is bursting from the ear. If you visit a barbershop, and say you want the South of France haircut, then you will be getting this hairstyle. It is a hairstyle that can be worn for all types of events since it is crosscutting.

World tallest Mohawk

It took 15 years to grow the mohawk, three cans of hairspray and one large bottle of gel and Kazuhiro Watanabe has shattered the Guinness World Record with his amazing 3-foot, 8.6-inch mohawk.

Taper Mohawk

In this hairstyle, the hair is kept long at the top while the sides and back is tapered. As the hair goes down, the head, it gets shorter progressively until blends with the skin texture. This type of hairstyle does not require much maintenance. It is best suited to people who have short hair. There are two variations of this hairstyle: the high taper fade, and the low taper fade. There is also the afro tape fade which is very common with African Americans.

Buzz Cut Mohawk

This is a quick and simple hairstyle. It derives its name from the sound made by the clippers when the hair is being cut. A buzz cut refers to different short hairstyles that have been cut using electric clippers. They include crew cut, ivy league, flat top and butch cut. It is a trendy hairstyle that has gained popularity very fast.

With Bun

This hairstyle is new and adventurous if you are looking for something that catches the eye. Although it is a bit extreme, it achieves a super stylish finish perfect for warm weather. It is popular among men and women. To achieve this look, the hair is washed and the trusses left to dry in the air. This is to make their handling easier after being blow dried.

Once the hair is dry, the hair is formed into a certain texture. For a dry finish, hair gel is added to achieve that texture. The hair is then divided into four horizontal sections. The sections are then formed into ponytails which are later converted into buns. To maintain the buns, it is advisable to use hair gel and hair spray.

With Bangs

It is also known as a Chelsea hawk. A long fringe of hair is retained at the front while the back and sides are shaved completely. There is also a version of the hairstyle where longer hair is dyed black. In order to form style your hair this way, just part the bangs of your hair straight across the top part. Hold them together with a rubber band and then shave off the sides of the head as if you are creating a regular Mohawk.

Sideways Mohawk

In this hairstyle, the hair is shaved on the front and back sides of the head instead of sideways as it is the case with normal Mohawks. As such, the strip of hair is left to run from ear to ear instead of running from front to the navel. It is mainly worn by musicians and during casual events.

Curly Mohawk

Braided Mohawk

With design


For Boys

For Teens


Crazy Mohawk

Faux Hawk

Pixie Cut Faux Hawk

When hair is cut both sides, it can be easily buzzed upwards. This is the formation that creates a pixie cut faux hawk. In this hairstyle, some are buzzed around the back and nape uniformly. Another choice is a traditional Mohawk where the hair is at the sides is buzzed but the centre back and nape are cut evenly with the top spiked out. In the pixie fauxhawk, the sides are not buzzed or just buzzed a little bit and the top is pushed up and spiked.

With Design

for Boys

for Teens


Warhawk Haircut

Commonly featured in video game characters such as Joseph Turok, it resembles a Mohawk but it is much shorter. The hair at the sides of the head is shaved uniformly attaining the same level. The upper hair is also shaved but it is much longer than the hair at the sides. It is then shaped and molded into a design that is unique. There are different variations of the warhawk depending on individual preference. These include the liberty spikes, butch haircut, and high top fade.

Modern Faux Hawk Styling Tips

Recommended Products for treating this hairstyle

Blasting free hair spray

This hair produces a strong grip that holds the hairs at one position. They remain styled that way until the hair is washed with shampoo. The hair should be sprayed heavily moving from the base to the top. A blast finish should be applied once the hair is dry. To achieve maximum results, it is better to apply on wet hair.

Spiking glue for faux hawk

This glue provides a strong grip that leaves the hair rooted at one spot. It is water resistant, therefore, when the hair has been styled, it will not be affected even if you spend a whole weekend at the beach. It should be applied on wet hair so that it can produce more effective results. The hair can be washed with shampoo in case you want to remove the glue.

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Tips and tricks for maintaining a Mohawk

This hairstyle takes a lot of time, cost, and effort to create. Therefore, in order to maintain it in top shape, there are few tips you should follow. Firstly, the overgrowth should be carefully trimmed and shaved regularly to remove those loose strands. It is leaves it looking neat and well kempt.

Second, a hair conditioner is another product that you will need to maintain this hairstyle. It leaves it looking shiny and soft. Thirdly, a gel should be applied regularly to keep the hairstyle curly and firm. In order to enhance the appearance, you can splash some hair dye on the side. To maintain this hairstyle neatly, ensure that you follow a growing and trimming schedule regularly.

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