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Mens medium hairstyles

Mens medium hairstyles

Mens medium hairstyles have become very popular over the years as more men discover that they do not have to keep long locks and neither to the have to cut them very short to look elegant. What makes medium hairstyles fantastic is that they give a man the option to have anything that he wants without having to worry about the length. With a medium hairstyle like faux hawks, combo over and other complex side shaved or undercut designs you can never go wrong. The only thing that you need to do is to come up with a creative design that works well for your particular hair type and also face shape.

Best Medium Haircuts

It is not easy to narrow down to a few styles that can be described as the best for medium length locks since it varies from one man to the other. What looks good on you or what is the best for your type of hair may not be appealing to other men. However, there are a few factors that determine how good your medium length style will look. And if you adhere to these important factors then you will have a top-notch hairdo. Some of these factors include the texture and volume of the hair that you keep. Although there are many good hairstyles that you can have on your medium length locks the best of them involves leaving a longer top and tapering or fading the sides. The medium strands on the crown are then curled, relaxed or pushed back depending on the look that you want to get.

Cool Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Cool styles are trendy, and for any haircut to be classified as such it should have something that gives it an edge over others, and it should also be modern. Although different men have varying tastes, some particular styles will look fantastic for most of them. For example, you can shave the sides of your medium length strands and then comb over the remaining hairs for a fabulous look. Other styles that will look fresh on most men include the messy, spiky and undercut haircuts.

Medium Length Straight Hairstyles

Whether you want to keep long locks or cut them short, there are many things you can do to look stylish if you have straight hair. The best thing with straight hair is that you also have the option to make it wavy or curly, and so this makes it very versatile. Common straight hairstyles for medium length include the slick back and comb over. Although these might be simple styles you can give them undercuts and use some gel for a perfect finish

Hairstyles for Medium Layered Hair

Layered hairs look voluminous, and they give men that do not like spikes or dyes and other intricate designs an option to wear something simple but still very elegant. Most layered styles involve free flowing straight locks, but there are still different ways to design your layers. You can part the locks at the center, or you can just push them back for a more traditional finish. Although layered hair looks best on straight strands, you can still have it with wavy or curly locks, and you only need to design it to conform to your hair type.

Modern Medium Hairstyles

Modern haircuts are all about creativity and looking trendy, and there are many options to choose from provided you have the right length. And the good thing is that you can have different styles from the same cut. For example, if you have a curly medium length there are many things you can do with it like pulling it into a short ponytail or man bun at the center of your head. Other trendy and modern medium hairstyles that seem to work for most men include the spiked bangs and quiff, tapered sides, short pompadour and also the braided top. It is important to note that you can make any haircut modern and trendy with some intricate trims and styling.

Medium Length Boy Haircuts

Boys have soft and healthy hairs, and so it is easy for them to wear any haircut that they wish regardless of the size. However, most prefer to have something that is fancy, stylish and modern. A simple layered push back or comb over will not be ideal for many boys as they prefer elaborate designs such as faux hawks, Mohawks, and messy tops. Since they have healthy strands they can have almost anything but the secret is to spice it by making it rugged or spiky to create a boy look.


Sometimes all that a man needs to stand out with his medium length hair is some color. Although highlights are more popular with ladies, they can also work well for men. However, you should choose bold colors and avoid using too much color on your lowlights. There is also the option of getting foil highlights or using the hand painting technique known as balayage to give your locks some color.

Braided Styles

Braids are one of the few styles that will never go out of trend and what makes them more special is the fact that you can have then on any size. The most favorite braiding options for men are the cornrows and French twists.

Undercut Hairstyles

Men Undercut

Although undercuts are popularly used to enhance other styles, they can also be your only hairdo as they are very attractive. For the undercuts to look fabulous, it is important also to have a beautiful style on the longer strands on the crown or the middle section of your head. You should also make sure that the undercut sections are razor cut to a uniform length.

The Emo Haircuts

The dark Emo hues will work best for men, and they can also create a fantastic headdress with your medium length locks. What makes these haircuts exceptional is the unique face framing design that they produce as it not only gives a man a polished look but can also be used to conceal some facial features such as an elongated forehead or an asymmetrical face shape.

Tapered Hairdos

Tapered haircuts can involve reducing the size of your hairs gradually as you move towards the back and ears, or you can leave longer locks at the crown and taper the sides and back. Regardless of what you choose to go for, the gradual reduction in hair length creates a fascinating pattern and hence making this a very polished haircut.

The Afro

You can also keep your strands natural and still get to look trendy and fashionable. The Afro is one of the styles that offer you the opportunity to keep your medium long hair natural without any fancy designs. For this hairdo, you only need a comb and some hair product for styling, but some modern variations of the design involve fading or tapering the sides. An afro works well for most face shapes, but its only disadvantage is that it requires you to have a thick, voluminous hair.

Wavy Hairstyles

Waves are a sign that a man is confident with how his hair looks. Wavy hairstyles help to add some detail to simple styles such as the comb-over and the push back. The main advantages of wavy hairdos are that they can work for almost all types of hair and are also very easy to design. However, some men may find them too feminine.


A Mohawk involving shaving the sides bold or fading them while leaving the strands in the middle of the head longer. It is a classy hairdo that has many variations nowadays. Some men will have different designs such as spikes, braids, and curls in the long middle section. The faux hawk is a modern variation of the Mohawk but what makes it different is that the sides are faded rather than getting a smooth shave.

The Pompadours


The pompadour has been around for centuries, and it has undergone various transformations over the years. Despite all these changes the style still maintains the same concept of up sweeping the top hairs from the face. Although you have to keep the same old look at the front to get a pompadour you can vary it in many ways to get a modern look. You can have tapered sides with the pompadour and a smooth slick back from the crown to make the style trendier.

Bowl Hairdos

If you have any feature on your forehead that you would like to conceal with your haircut, then the bowl hairdo is a perfect design for you. This style involves cutting the strands to create a straight fringe on the front and then trimming the rest of the hairs to the same level. The haircut makes you look like you are wearing a bowl over your head and this is how it gets the name.


Although the classic mullet was very popular in the 80’s no other hairstyle has received more criticism than it as some people think it is low class. However, in the modern era, it is a stylish and trendy look. It involves trimming the front into a short fringe and leaving the medium locks to flow over your shoulders.

Shag Hairstyles

Shaggy haircuts and hairstyles are in trend, and every man wants to try them out. These styles go well with any length, and they will be perfect for medium length strands. To wear the shag, all you have to do is to trim your hair to create some uniformity and then push them back with your fingers to create the rugged look.

Quiff Hairstyles

The Quiff has been popular since the 1950’s, and the fact that it is still around is proof that it an amazing hairdo. This style involves a longer top that is styled up and short sides and back that are combed-back. What makes it unique is that it can be modified to go with any face shape and hair type as there are many types of the Quiff. The most famous ones are modern, short, messy, curly and long Quiffs.

Spiky Headdress

Spikes provide a man with versatility and many options to wear his medium length locks. You can make all your strands spiky and use some wax or any other hold product to maintain them, or you can have them only on the crown by shaving the sides. Spiky hairs come from making your hair pointy either through shaving or by using hold products.

Comb Over

Just as the name suggests the comb-over involves brushing the hair to the side to cover an undercut or just
to create a unique design. Whether you have a very intricate style or a simple spiky top you can enhance it by combing over the hairs.


Slick-back hairdos will always give you a gentleman look as they are impeccable. Another characteristic of the slick-back is the use of a generous amount of gel or pomade on the hair before pushing it back neatly with a comb. You can do this to all your hairs, or you can shave the sides and back and have the slicked design on the crown.

Edge-Up Hairstyles

You can also call the edge-up a line-up or shape-up, and it is a hairstyle that involves straightening your hairline using a sharp razor or the Clippers. It is created by circling the entire head, and it can help add some detail to your medium length locks. No matter what design you use on your hair, a shape-up will spice up your looks.

Afro Textured

You do not have to comb your strands into an afro to get this texture as there are other styles that you can use to get the same look. You can make your locks look wooly, thick or bushy to get the afro texture but this will only work well for men with voluminous hair. If you have very fine hair, it will be hard to get this texture no matter what product you use.


The wings or flippies is a very popular style with children, but it is also ideal for men especially for skateboarders and those that like other outdoor sports. You can form the wings design from a straight or wavy hair, and its primary characteristic is the design created when the medium size locks come halfway down the ear. Instead of the strands lying on your ear, they are designed to flip up and come straight up like a wing.


Dreadlocks are an awesome option for your medium hair and contrary to what most people think they will give you many styling options. The only disadvantage with dreads is the fact that you have to be very patient as your hairs lock. Once the dreads form, you will look polished and trendy provided you know how to style them.

Surfer Hairstyles

Surfer hairstyles are tousled designs that are very popular with beach goers and are worn loose and shaggy. The original surfer look has a naturally bleached color due to continuous exposure to the sun when surfing, but you can also have the same look by dyeing your hair. It is a perfect casual look for men who spend most of their time outdoors.

Razored Haircuts

Razored haircuts are excellent for men with wooly and excessively thick strands. These hairdos are created by gliding the razor down the shaft of your hair to create pointier ends that are distinct from the straight ones from a scissor trim. However, the razor can also create a mess if you do not know how to handle it or if you have curly locks.

How to Style Medium Hair

Quick and Easy Men Hairstyles for medium hair:

To style your hair, you first need to get the right cuts depending on the design you want to wear. After the cut, you should wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and then also condition it. You should then apply wax or any other styling product when it is still damp and finish by designing it or combing it into your preferred style. You can use a hair spray if you like but always let it air dry as using hot tools will ruin the style.

Face Shape and Hair Type Recommendation/Contraindication

Any man can wear medium length haircuts regardless of his face shape or hair type. All that you need is a little creativity and knowing how to work with hair. For example, if you have fragile strands you can make it look voluminous by layering it. Shaving the sides and back will also help you get any style that you wish since you will have fewer locks to style. However, men with asymmetrical face shapes should avoid any style that involves combing over of pushing their locks to the back.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always rinse you medium length hairs with cold water as this will give you more control throughout the day.
  • If you want to use any product on your style, you should always do it when the hair is still damp. You should also use organic and light weight wax or pomade as this not only makes styling easier but is good for your hair.
  • Avoid over-styling your hair as you may end up with an awkward look. The idea is to get a matte finish while still keeping some natural texture and overdoing things will make this hard to achieve.
  • You should always have a pro cut your hair and also decide the style you want beforehand so that you can eliminate the possibility of trimming it too short.
  • No matter the style you wish to have you should always wash the growing out strands with a quality shampoo and also condition it.

Recommended Products

The best products to use on your hair will depend on the style that you want and the hold that you require. However, most medium length hairstyle will work well with gel, pomade or wax. Although these are standard products, you should buy from reputable brands so that you can get good quality. Apart from this, you will also need organic shampoos and conditioners because you have to keep your strands clean for an attractive look. A frizz free product may also be necessary to use for some hair types and styles.

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