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Men haircuts and hairstyles

Trending Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2016

The hair that you keep is what defines you as a man and so even if you get everything else right, you cannot look good without a nice haircut. For 2016, the trend is expected to be elegant and sophisticated as men try to look more refined. Men in 2016 will continue to wear their hairs in different lengths, but they will be more detailed than in the last years as more people discover the importance of keeping their locks neat and precise. No matter what size you choose to go with you have to get the cut, fade and styling right to keep up with the modern trend.

Popular Hairstyles and Haircuts

1 Men – 12 hairstyles

With men haircuts, the styles always seem to remain the same whether they are short, medium or long and the only thing that most people do is to adjust them with a fade and the styling to make them unique. Men are not very experimental, and so it takes time for new haircuts to become famous as most will prefer to wear the usual traditional cuts. For 2016, the hairdos below will continue to be the most popular.

Short Haircuts

Popular Short Haircuts

There are many popular short haircuts that you can keep, and the right one for you will depend on how short your strands are and also your preferences and tastes. However, some of the most popular designs include military cuts such as the high and tight, buzz cut, Caesar cut and also others such as afros and tapered hairdos.

Short Haircuts for Curly Hair

Curly hair is beautiful, but it can also be difficult to style if you do not know how to do it. When most people think of curly hairstyles what comes in mind is an untamed curly bush. However, there are many ways to create a fabulous style from the curly bush. You can choose to trim it uniformly to create a compact afro-like design, or you can just leave the curls longer at the top with faded or tapered sides.

Medium Short Haircuts

Medium short haircuts range from mullets to afros, and you only need to figure out something that works for your type of hair and face shape. For example, men with woolly hair will look great in a medium length afro while those with round face will look fabulous with a short medium mullet.

Short on Sides and Long on Top

The short sides and a long top is the most common hairstyle for men. In this style, the sides can be shaved smooth, faded or tapered while the longer strands at crown have a fancy or simple design. You can spike the top, curl it, and make a pompadour or even an afro texture.

Short Fade Haircuts

Fading short hair is a modern trend that helps a man look trendy and elegant. There are two ways to cut this style with the first being to fade the hair from the crown towards the sides and the second is to leave a longer top then fade the sides and back.

Short Pompadour

A short pompadour will always be in trend as it helps make a man more polished and refined. The smooth and upswept front looks fabulous and if you combine it with a fade below the disconnecting side part, you will look fantastic.

Haircuts for Medium Hair Length

Medium hairs give you a lot of versatility as there are many haircuts that you can wear. With medium hair, you still get the low maintenance benefits of short hair and the beauty of long locks. Some of the most popular medium hairstyles include the mullet, bowl cuts, Emo designs, undercuts or even the braided crown with shaved sides.

Long Hairstyles

Short on Sides Long on Top

Keeping your locks long at the top and short on the sides will not only make you look fabulous but it is also easier to style the hair since you have few strands. You can design the long top into anything that you like such as a ponytail or cornrows.

Long Curly Haircuts

With long curly locks you do not even have to do any fancy styling to look good since pushing them to the back for a natural flow is sufficient. However, you can also keep a long curly top with some fancy shaved side designs.

Long Hair and Beard

Long locks always go well with a beard and so if you are growing out you should also keep long facial hairs. For this style, you can shave the sides to create a disconnection between the long hair and beard.

Long with Undercuts

No other hair length looks better with undercuts than long hair. Undercuts help to add some detail to your locks, and they also create a very attractive pattern. For this headdress, you can choose to show the undercuts by pulling your locks into a ponytail, or you can hide them by pushing back the locks.

Long Hair Fade

A fade adds a touch of class in any hairstyles, and this makes it perfect for your long hair. There are also many options to choose from as you can have mid, zero or temple fades.

Hipster Hairstyles and Haircuts

Hipster haircuts and hairstyles are arguably the most popular style for men right now. What makes them popular is that they give a man an edge and class and are also one of the easiest styles to wear. A hipster haircut is usually a variation of an old design, and they can range from classic undercuts and pompadours to the trendy and modern spiky or messy forms. You can transform almost any style into a hipster as you only need to give it a modern touch.

Curly Hairdos

Short and Curly

Some men have naturally curly hair while others like to curl up their strands to make them beautiful. Curls make great hairdo but only if you know how to cut and style them. For short and curly hair the most important thing is to use a good hold product to maintain the style that you choose to wear.

Long Curly

Long and curly hair will only require you to come up with a creative style, and you will not even need to do any cuts. You can pull it to the back and tie it into a loose bun to create a messy look or shave the sides and back for a contemporary finish.

The Curly Fade

The curly fade is an incredible style and is also unique. For this hairdo, you should trim the curls for some uniformity and only leave them long on the crown and fade the sides and back neatly.

Thick and Curly

Men with naturally thick locks will love this headdress as it brings out the best in their hair. To wear a polished look, you should trim your thick curls and style them into an afro-like design. You can finish the haircut by using some hair product to give it hold and shine.

Wavy Hairdos

Wavy hair can be cut and styled in many ways and you only need to be creative. Whether you keep short, medium or long hair, there are still many options to choose from when it comes to wavy hairdos. You can just trim your waves and leave them slightly messy, or you can create a more intricate design by up sweeping the front and tapering the sides and back. The options are endless, and you only need to figure out something that works for your hair type or face shape.

Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts

If you have straight hair, you can also enjoy all the curly and wavy hairstyles as it is easier to work with straight strands. Straight hair looks better when left natural and so if you keep medium or long locks you only need to apply some product and then push back your strands for an elegant finish. For short hair, you will look more refined if you leave the crown longer and taper or fade the sides. You can also make the top messy or wavy for a lovely finish.

Types of Fade Haircut

What is A Fade Haircut? A fade is a popular haircut trend that involves gradual reduction of the hair towards the ears and the back. Its name comes from the fact that rather than just cut the strands short they are faded away to create a unique design. It can be part of other haircuts, or it can be your only style whereby the hairs are faded from the crown all the way to the back.

Taper Fade

A taper fade is a version of the undercut that involves a transition from short to a skin level, and it looks different from the usual disconnection style. Some people also know this style as the razor fade, skin fade or bald fade since its lower ends are smooth shaved or bald.

Low Fade

The difference between the various fade haircuts is the level at which the hair disappears. For a low fade, hair disappears lower than a high fade but higher than the regular one. The main characteristic of this style is that the hair will typically end about halfway through the back and sides and an inch before the natural hairline on the sides and back.

Pompadour fade

A pompadour fade has relatively short sides and a dramatic height at the front. Although the dramatic and classic style at the front is the main design in the hairdo, it is enhanced using a fade rather than just shaving the sides short. You can choose to go with any fading, but a razor fade will look best.

High Fade

With this style the hair disappears high up the sides and back, and this is how it gets its name. The hair in this cut finishes about two or three inches from the top, and the rest of the head is bold.

Low Taper Fade

In this fade the hair will disappear very close to the ears. Although the faded hairs are short, they will be longer than the ordinary low fade since they are tapered.

High Taper Fade

This taper fade is popular with men who like to make sure that all the attention remains on the style that they have on their crown. With this style, the hairs disappear a couple of inches from the top but what makes them look attractive is how they gradually reduce in size to a skin level.

Bald fade

Bald and skin fades are the same thing since both involve sides and back that blend in with the skin. No matter what design you have at the top, you can still have a bald fade. You only need to make sure that you expose the skin a couple of inches from the ears and nape of the neck.

Curly Fade

A curly fade will involve keeping the longer top section curly then fading the sides. Naturally curly hair will look wavy when you cut it short and so this creates a very attractive look. In most cases fading a curly hair is all that you need to create an eye-catching look.

Long Hair Fade

Fading long hair helps to spice up your looks, and it can make a man look more polished and elegant than when they just have long free flowing locks. In this style, the long hair is given an undercut but rather than just leave it short and smooth it is faded for a nice finish. Fading the sides in a long hair helps to spice up your looks.

Light Fades

Light fades are a variation of the shadow fade that involves starting off lighter on the sides and blending into the longer hair on the top. Just like most other types of fades, it can have different variations such as high, low and medium. The size that you keep at the top does not matter provided you make it longer than the sides.

Sides Fades

The design is probably the most common of all the types as men use it to accentuate the design on their crown. Side fades can be anything from high fade to a temple fade. However, you should always choose something that blends with whatever you have at the top and adds to the beauty rather than giving you an awkward look.

Black Men Fades

African Americans are probably the pioneers of various styles because the texture of their hairs and skin tone allows them to have almost any fade you can think of and still look fantastic. Black men are very experimental, and so they are always coming up with new variations of modern fade styles. However, the most popular with black men is the low fade since most do not like to create a bald section on their head.

Types of Taper

What is the Difference between a Taper and Fade? Most people use taper and fade as synonyms, but they are two different styles. Whereas the difference might not be very evident to most people, barbers and stylists understand what the two designs entail. The main difference between the two is the size since a fade is typically shorter than a taper. In some cases, tapering can give you a length that you can style, but the same is not possible with a fade.

High Taper

A high taper is characterized by the presence of very few hairs below the crown. This design will only keep one to three inches of hair that gradually reduces its size as you move away from the crown. Below the tapered section you can choose to finish the style with a fade of you can shave it bold.

Low Taper

A low taper is similar to a low fade with the only difference being the method used to create it and the fact that the taper has some longer hair than the fade. In this style, the hair will disappear about an inch from the back.

Quiff Hairstyles

A quiff is a style created when the front of the hair is held up and designed to curve back towards your head. Although they are very popular hairdos and also come in different designs, they always need to be spiced up with undercuts and fades to make them gorgeous. When getting this style you can also choose to have it messy, wavy or neat and straight depending on your hair type and the length.

Undercut Hairstyle

If you choose to have an undercut, you will still have many styling options. An undercut is a beautiful hairdo but you still have to design it well to look elegant. The following are two of the most popular ways to have your undercut design.

Undercut with Beard

An undercut creates a distinct look with a beard, and most people use it to create a disconnection between their hairstyles and beard. Having it with a full beard will ensure that both your headdress and your grown out facial hairs will still be distinct.

Long Hair Undercut

Long locks are beautiful, and styling is also very simple and in most cases you have to do little to make them stand out. An easy way to add a touch of class and elegance to your long locks is through the introduction of undercuts. The undercut will enhance your long hair and make it look refined even if it has a very simple design.

High and Tight Haircut

A high and tight haircut is a variation of the crew cut, and it is mostly worn by the military men. It is a simple design that requires minimal maintenance since the hair is very short. For this style, the sides and back are faded or totally shaved while the top is long, but it is still generally short as it is only about an inch. Although this cut works well for most men, those with receding and thin hair should avoid it as it does not look good for them.

Afro Hairstyles

100 Years of Black Men Beauty

The afro is one of the most popular men hairstyles, especially with African Americans. This old school style has a very rich history. It is also a very easy and fast style to make. An afro only requires you to have the right length and texture and nothing else since it will only involve combing out the hair. Although it is originally an African American hairstyle, nowadays even people from different races or with different hair texture are wearing it as there are products that you can use to give your strands an afro texture.

Comb Over Hairstyles

Just as the name suggests, a comb over will involve styling your locks over an undercut or short faded sides. Although you can be able to have this style with any length, it will look good with medium or long hairs as they can cover the undercut to create the comb-over look. You can have this style by leaving a long Mohawk like middle section then sweeping it to the side or a longer crown that is also side swept.

Pompadour Hairstyles

The classic pompadour is one of the few styles that will never go out of trend, and this is regardless of the fact that it has been around for close to a century. If yo wear it correctly, this style will make a man look polished and trendy. It involves styling up the front section of the hair and then slicking it back with a generous amount of a styling hair product. The modern variation of this classic design involves undercut sides that also has intricate fading designs.

Caesar Haircuts

If you like to keep your hairs short, then the Caesar cut can be a perfect idea as it is not only simple to wear but also maintenance free. The original Caesar is similar to a bowl haircut with the only difference being that it has a shorter fringe, and it is also more uniform throughout the head than the latter. However, the modern variation is very different as it introduces trendy designs such tapered sides and slick back from the crown to the back. The only thing that should never change in this cut is the front swept fringe that should always be neatly trimmed.

Side Part Designs

Most men that keep a longer top and short sides will introduce a side part to make their hairdos detailed or refined. The side part helps to create a disconnect between the short sides and the longer top, and this is one of the reasons that make the part line a distinctive style. Depending on the style that you have on the crown you can have a hard part line or a shallow one. It can also be a couple of inches long, or it can stretch all the way to the center of your head. The shaved sides make the line visible and you can also have some designs on the sides to spice up your look.

Professional Hairstyles and Haircuts

Professional haircuts and hairstyles are simple and neat with little or no maintenance. Although you can make any style professional, it should be decent enough to make you look presentable during business and other formal engagements. Low or no maintenance is vital since professionals do not have a lot of time to spare for self-grooming. Most expert cuts are short and straightforward designs such as the buzz cut, high and tight and also the Caesar cut.

Mohawk designs

The Mohawk is very popular especially with young men, and one of the reasons for this is that apart from being very stylish it also offers one a lot of options when it comes to styling. For the modern Mohawk design, it is not just about leaving a longer section in the middle with smooth or faded sides. The longer hair in the middle is usually made into some fancy designs such as spikes and braids and also given some colorful highlights for a dazzling finish.

Buzz Cut

The Buzz is a very formal short haircut with its origins being the military. Its main characteristic is that the hair is cut very close to the scalp almost exposing it, but it should not be too tight like a skin shave. Initially, men used to have the buzz cut by carefully cutting their strands throughout the head to a uniform size, but there are modern variations that involve a grown out top and faded sides and back.

Princeton Haircut

Princeton haircut or Harvard clip is a type of crew cut that maintains a longer top and tapered sides and back. Although you can leave the longer crown in any length that you like it should be long enough to side sweep or style into anything that you wish. Apart from this, the Princeton haircut should also have a hard part line as this is one of its distinct features.

Dreads Hairstyles for Men

Some people claim that dreadlocks originated from slaves, a couple of centuries ago since they did not have means to cut their hair. Others argue that they came from freedom fighters in Africa who did not shave as a sign of their struggles against colonization. Regardless of where dreadlocks came from they are now very popular and have spread to all corners of the globe. If you let your hairs grow without combing them, they will eventually form dreads, but they will not be neat. And so you should use wax to create beautiful ones, and they will also be neat. With dreads, there are many hairstyles that you can wear. For example, you can braid them, create undercuts or just pull them back into a ponytail.

Classic Men’s Hairstyles and Haircuts


Modern hairstyle and haircuts have evolved tremendously and will continue to get better, but the classic or old school styles will never go out of fashion, and so it is important to know them. These hairstyles provide an excellent option for men who want a polished or classic look. Some of the most common classic hairdos include the slick-back, pompadour, undercut and the surfer styles.

Gentlemen Haircuts

Several things define a gentleman, but the hair is one of the most important of them all. Looking elegant and polished requires you to have a hairstyle that goes with the traits of a gentleman, and this can include hairdos such as the textured fade, undercut, pompadour and the medium slick back. A gentleman haircut should not only just be neat but should be cut expertly with all the lines correctly cut so that they can bring out the gentleman look.

Hairstyles for Receding Hairline

A receding hairline can be annoying as it will limit you to the number of styles that you can have. With such a hair type you should avoid styles like the comb-over and slick back as they will accentuate your hair and make the receding hairline look worse than it is. However, there are still many options available to you such as the buzz cut and clean shaven. If things are not very that bad, you can also wear a close cut and leave the crown slightly messy.

For Older Men

Older men will prefer to go with simple designs as people become more conservative than before as they grow old. As you age, you will also be faced with other issues such as a receding hairline, widow’s peak, and gray hairs. However, you can use all these things to create an incredible design. Older men will prefer to keep the hair short and create a side part before front sweeping the top. The gray color makes this style look lovely, and so you should not even bother with dyes.

For Guys

Guys have many options when it comes to cutting and styling their hair, and so they only need to find a good barber and figure out what works for their hair type and face shape. The best headdress will also depend on the length that they want to keep since medium, and short hairs have more options than long locks. The list of trendy hairstyles and haircuts for men is almost endless, and it ranges from short high and compact designs to long cornrows and braids. However, hot guys seem to prefer different hairdos such as messy and spiky tops since they make them look gorgeous than other styles.

For Boys

Boys have more options with their hair since they do not have to conform to any professional or gentleman looks. A boy can wear any style that he wishes provided it goes well with his face shape and skin tone. Those with long hairs can braid them into free flowing locks or weave into fancy cornrows and French braid. Long hair also makes great dreadlocks and with the dreads there are many styling options available. The long locks can also be cut into a trendy Mohawk with the long hairs in the middle section weaved into an intricate large French braid. Boys who like to keep short hair also have many options but the best are those that have fancy designs. For example, rather than just leaving a long top you can spike it or mess it up for a rugged look and finish with razor shaved side designs. Haircuts for boys will also depend on their skin tones since black boys will look best with those that involve fading and tapering. White boys, on the other hand, will look good with a long top and fancy designs such as the Ivy League.

Haircuts with Beard

Although most men prefer to shave their beard, facial hairs can also help you get a fabulous look. If you keep a long hair, you should also grow out your full beard because long locks and facial hairs create a lovely design. Whether you like to braid your long hair or pull it into a man bun, a beard will enhance it and make you look stylish. You can have the long hair and beard with an undercut to create disconnection for and attractive look. Even if you keep a short hair, the undercut will still make you look polished with your full facial hairs.

Asian Hairstyles

Most Asian men have thick and textured hair, and this makes them easy to style and also gives them plenty of options. Holly wood celebrities with Asian origins and also those on their home continent have shown that the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling their hair. Whether you like to keep trendy styles like those popularized by K-Pop or something unique and wild, there is an option for you. Trendy Asian hairstyles include angular fringes, mid length fades, side sweeps and many other styles. In fact, their hair types and skin tone gives them the freedom to wear anything that they want and for most it is effortless as they only need to get a god cut.

European Hairstyles

European culture gets a lot of influence North American trends and so most men will keep similar hairstyles to those in the USA. However, Europeans are more conservative than Americans, and so men will tend to prefer neat and decent haircuts unlike the funky designs that a large group of men in the US prefers to wear. Simple styles such as a high top with tapered designs and buzz cuts for men who like to keep short hair are very common. Ivy League and other hairdos that get inspiration from it are also prevalent in Europe. For the younger men, Mohawks and dreadlocks are also quite common, but they are probably not as colorful as in other societies.

Celebrity Hairstyles and Haircuts

Brad Pitt

Since his early days in the industry Brad has always had unusual hairstyles, and he is one of the few celebrities that have good hair aesthetics. Although he likes to keep short haircuts with a long top and tapered sides, at some point he used to have a classic mullet.

Tom Hardy

Tom likes to wear short military cuts such as the crew cut but he occasionally grows out his hair to wear a long top and short sides design. The top section is usually front-swept to create a short fringe, and he pairs it with a full beard.

Jaden Smith

Jaden does not have one particular hairdo that he prefers because he is always trying out something new and attempting to keep up with the trend. In his younger years he had cornrows but since then he has tried everything from a high and tight to Mohawks.

Ryan Reynolds

Judging from the clothes that he wears and his haircut it is evident that Ryan Reynolds prefers a gentleman look. He keeps his hair short and neat to keep up with the trend with the sides and back buzzed short.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig has a thin hair and a receding hairline, but he knows how to style it well to keep a sharp look. Most of the time he keeps a close crop with a shallow side part and the top section pushed to the side.

James Dean

James Dean has a unique look that has a thick hair that is a couple of inches long at the top with the sides and back tapered. The style of his long top section can be anything from a roll over to a pompadour and sometimes he will just leave it messy of spike it up.

Adam Levine

A while back Adam Levine went bald and caused many internet heartbreaks but apart from this incidence he has also had many spells of both good and bad haircuts. However, most of his haircuts have one theme that is a long top and faded sides. The business at the top will vary according to his mood but most of the time he just leaves it messy

Mad Men Haircuts

Mad Men is currently one of the most popular shows on TV and although it has an interesting storyline the attention to detail when recreating the retro look is fascinating. The haircuts in this show have been replicated by thousands of loyal fans of the show across the globe. Mad Men haircuts demand that you take them serious as they are as sharp as it gets. The sides are tight while the top has a sharp part line that should be specifically on the left side. The hair is slicked-back, but you should also not forget to give it a healthy shine to finish the look.

Soccer Players Hairstyles and Haircuts

Apart from their talents on the field, football players are also known for their funky hairstyles. There are no restrictions in this beautiful game, and so you can wear anything that pleases you whether it is a massive afro like Manchester United’s Fellaini or smooth shave like Jonjo Shelvey of Swansea. However, there are a few soccer players that are known to have great hairstyles like the retired David Beckham. Currently, Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, and Olivier Giroud are a few of the players that always keep excellent headdresses.

Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

Thick hairs guarantee a lovely hairdo and men only have to choose a flattering haircut. The haircut that you choose should be determined by whether you have a thick curly hair or straight and also whether it is long or short. However, in all these situations you can still wear a fabulous style if you choose your cut wisely. To make a statement with your thick strands, you can spike them, side sweep, create a quiff or just pull it into a man bun or ponytail.

Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

Thin or thinning hair is annoying, and no man wants to imagine that they are likely to have this type of hair at some point. However, for most men it is inevitable as they grow old. And although it will mean that you will not be able to wear some of your favorite styles there are still many options available for thin hair. In fact, some of the hairstyles designed for thin hair will look even more attractive than those that you could have with thick strands. For men with this type if hair the best hairstyles are undercuts with messy tops, razored haircuts and also the quiff. Although most of these styles will not hide the fact that you have thin hair, they will help you look elegant.

Modern Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men

It is important to keep up with the times as a man regardless of whether you are a professional or not. And the best way to do this is by wearing modern haircuts and hairstyles. Although classic hairdos will always be in trend, there are new and modern styles that every man should try out. Most of the modern designs get inspiration from old school ones, but some recent ones are not only new but unique. Some of the modern styles that every man should try include the high fade pompadour, hard side part with fade and slick back and the different variations of the Mohawk.

Hairstyles According Face Shapes

Each face shape is ideal when cutting or styling your hair since there are more than enough designs available for all faces. Men with oval face shape will look good with short sides and back with a long side swept top and a part. Those with round faces should create an illusion of angles and height and a style like the messy V- cut will be fantastic. On the other hand men with square faces are the happiest since they can play around with any designs whether it is classic or modern.

Shaved Sides Hairstyles

Shaved sides are now part of most modern hairstyles and also some retro ones. By cutting the sides and leaving the crown longer, you create a very fancy design. You do not even have to do any further styling to look good. You can have only the sides shaved to create a faux hawk and Mohawk or also shave the back for other styles such as the high and tight and pompadour. In the modern hairdos, the sides are not just cut short but are instead faded or tapered.

Hairstyles for Balding Men

Balding comes naturally, and no man is immune to this natural occurrence especially as age catches up. And so it will be a good idea to know some of the styles you can wear to maintain your sharp looks even as you lose your hairline. The secret to looking good when you are balding is to keep things as short as possible, but this does not mean that you should restrict yourself to a clean shaven head or buzz cut. There are also many other designs such as the short comb over; front swept fringe and the short Mohawk that will help you conceal the balding effect.

Casual Hairstyles

If you like wearing casual hairstyles, then you will have more options than with any other styles. Casual hairdos are fantastic as they give a man the freedom to wear anything that he feels like as there are no restrictions on what he can and cannot do to conform to the requirements of a particular hairdo. Whether you like to keep a short casual fade with intricate patterns and designs on the sides, a spiky faux-hawk or a messy top with highlights, you will still look good.

Widows Peak Hairstyles

A widow peak comes as a result of a receding hairline, and it is the V-growth of the hair towards the center of the forehead. However, rather than waste your time getting annoyed with the widows peak or go bald out of frustration, you can use it to spice up your looks. There are many widows’ peak hairstyles that you can choose from and so you should not leave it looking ugly. You can have some elegant styles such as the messy comb-over, slick and tight comb over and also various other hairstyles such as the pompadour to conform to your hair.

Longer Hairstyles for men

The biggest problem with long hair is that most men are not patient enough to grow it out, and some are also too lazy to take good care of it. However, once you have long locks, you will have different hairstyles that you can wear. Your hair type, texture, and volume will determine what will look right for you. Men with a voluminous hair can wear anything from free flowing curls to intricate cornrows and still look fabulous. However, styles such as undercuts, ponytails, and the man bun will look good on any long hair.

Wings / Flippies Hairstyles

Some men have the Flippies naturally due to their hair’s pattern of growth. Although this style is not very popular with men that like to keep formal looks, it can still make a lovely headdress for outdoor type of men. Wings do not have many styling options as the design that they create is unique, but you can also style them with some neat undercuts.

Business Haircuts and Hairstyles

Nothing can be as hectic as searching for a professional haircut to wear for work. And this will be more stressful if you are starting a new job or you are going to an important business meeting. However, if you know the elements that make a good business haircut, it will be easier for you. The elements can include keeping the hair nondescript or laid-back, nicely and tightly trimmed and versatility or being able to be worn in different ways so that it can fit the different events that you will be attending.

Bowl Haircuts

The bowl haircut or the mushroom cut as some people like to call it is a very attractive design especially with men who like to keep fringes or hide facial features. As the name suggests, it involves creating a bowl-like design on your head with the “bowl” having a uniform length all round your head. If you have an elongated forehead or a funny face shape, this design can be used to conceal this physical feature. However, it only works well for men with thick strands.

Mullet Haircuts and Hairstyles

A mullet is unique in many ways but what makes it special is that goes against the norm by keeping the hair long at the back and short on the front section. The mullet comes in different shapes and sizes, but the theme remains a long back and short fringe. Some modern types of this haircut include the classic, ponytail, rattail, Mudflap and Skullet mullets.

Shag hairstyles and haircuts

Ladies popularized shag hairstyles but men, have also caught up with the trends and probably have more variations of these styles than women. A shag haircut involves keeping the hair shaggy for an unkempt or rugged look. You can have this haircut on any length and most of the time you will only use your fingers to mess up the hair. For long locks, you should push them back with your fingers and make them messy but for short hair, you need to shave and fade the sides and leave the rugged look at the top.

The Different Haircut Numbers

It is common to hear people trying to describe haircuts using numbers, but few know what they mean. The numbers represent the length guard on clippers used to give the cut, and there are about eight sizes on the standard machine with each being able to cut a different size. The following four are a few examples of the haircut numbers.

  • Number 1: Guard length number one cuts a length of an eighth of an inch and it is perfect for fading the hair.
  • Number 2: Number two is used to cut a uniform size of a quarter inch throughout the head.
  • Number 3: Number three is ideal when you want to keep a longer hair as it cuts three-eighths of an inch.
  • Number 4: If you want to keep half an inch of hair on your buzz cut or any other design then the Clippers will be set on number four

Haircuts and Hairstyles with Highlights

Most men do not like to color their hair as they consider it a female thing. The few that do will also go for dark shades. However, painting your hair can help spice up your haircut and give you a beautiful hairdo. Highlights are not feminine, and so men can also have them, and they only need to do it in a manly way. If you have a short haircut, you can color a few strands on the crown to create amazing highlights. Long hair will require more color but if you chose the right shades you will look outstanding.

The Crew Cuts

The crew haircut is an amazing hairdo especially for men who like to keep professional looks. Although the crew is a military cut, it is now very popular with men that have never served. The traditional crew cut involves a short hair but with the top section being longer than the sides and back. There are many types of this style, but the Harvard clip or Ivy League is the most popular. An Ivy League has a longer top than the regular crew and a side part. The back and sides of a Harvard clip are also tapered short to create a fabulous gentleman look.

Braided Haircuts and Hairstyles

A couple of decades ago you could only spot braids and cornrows with ladies specifically African Americans. However, as the world continues to change men have also discovered that they can look great with braided hair. There are many ways to wear this style, and they range from simple cornrows that flow to the back to intricate French braids. If you have a medium or long hairs, there are very many ways you can braid them, and you only need to get creative or use the services of a professional.

Emo Men Haircuts and Hairstyles

The Emo haircuts are all about looking fresh and funky. These styles can suit any person who wants something that defines their individualism. What makes the Emo hairdos unique is that you are free to style your strands into anything that you wish provided it maintains the theme. The main characteristic of this design is the long fringe that is usually front swept over one eye. This design is a symbol the Emo culture that started in the 80’s and most styles will also involve keeping the hair dark. However, other hues such as light ginger, brown and dark red also make the Emo hair.

Slicked-back Hairdos

Slick back haircuts and hairstyles are very smooth and have a very distinct look. This style is very straightforward as it is all about pushing back the hair using a comb and after applying a generous amount of a quality gel. For this style, you can trim your locks and slick all of them to the back, or you can leave a longer crown. The long top should then be given a side part before being slicked back if you are looking for an elegant look.

The Edge-Up Hairdos

Edge-up or shape-up haircuts concentrate on straightening your hairline. No matter how cool your hairstyle may be, your hairline will still need to be touched up to go with the style. Although this Edge-up is used to straighten the hairline by most men, it looks best on African American hair type.

Surfer Men Hairstyles

Surfers have a unique hairstyle that is perfect for the outdoors. The most identifiable characteristic of this style is its bleached color due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Another thing that makes this hairstyle amazing is that no attempt at all is made to arrange the locks neatly. This style is best suited for men with medium length hair and if you wish to get the sun-bleached color you can use hair dye. Some modern variations of the design will also involve some undercuts.

Frizzy Hair Men

Frizz is one of the main reasons why men would rather have a clean shave rather than keep a long mane. There is no permanents solution to frizzy hair, and you just have to know how to tame the unruly strands so that you can enjoy your favorite hairstyles. Fighting kinky hair is very simple as you only need to do basic things such as keeping your hair moisturized, reducing the frequency of using shampoo, using lukewarm water on your hair and also avoid using a brush.

Spiky Hairstyles

Spikes have been in trend for many years, and new ways of wearing these fantastic styles are always coming up. This hairdo involves creating pointy locks, and they can be of any size that you wish. How you make you spikes will determine how good they look and not necessarily their size. There are also many ways to style your spikes, but the most common ones are to leave them on the crown with short faded sides or have them in the middle section of your Mohawk.

Messy Hairdos

Messy hairstyles are among the most popular with modern men. Although the hair may look unkempt, it is a fabulous design to those who understand the beauty in a haircut. This style works well for all sizes, and it can be your only hairstyle or use it as part of another. If you keep long locks, you can pull them into a messy bun for a unique look or just have them flow to the back. For short hair, you should shave the sides and leave a couple of inches of hair on the crown. You can then use your fingers to mess up your hair for an excellent rugged look.

The Most Common Products and How They Perform

How to Grow Out Your Hair

Contrary to what most people think growing out your hair does not only involve going for a long time without shaving. There are several things that you should do when growing out the hair or at least if you want it to be fast. For example, you need to do occasional trims to get rid of split ends and also to eat a lot of protein and green leafy foods. There are also other things that you should do such as using natural products and avoiding hot tools. However, the most important of them all is to commit to growing out your hair. You may also want to make your hair curly even as you are growing it out but this should not be a problem as there are many ways to do this. If you want curls that will last for long, you can use hot tools such as heat curlers or roller curlers. For simple curls that you can easily brush out hair gels and natural texturizer will be sufficient.

History of Men Hairstyles

100 Years of Men Beauty

The history of men hairstyles is a long as the human civilization because from the onset men had to do something to their hair no matter how simple or complicated it was. However, the modern designs get more influence from styles of the past century than from the ancient world. Looking at what men used to wear in the past should shed more light on where modern hairstyles get their inspiration.


Source: hairstyleonpoint.com

  • 20’s hairstyles: In the 20s, most men preferred to wear hats and so their hairstyles also had to be designed to accommodate this preference. The look in this era was flat, slicked-back, medium in length and very shiny.
  • 40’s hairstyles: Jut like everything else men’s hairstyles in the 40’s were influenced by World War 2. Men kept short hairstyles because they were in the military or just wanted to mimic movie stars. The most famous styles in this period were the crew cut, slicked back and a flat top.
  • 50’s hairstyles: The 1950s was a transformative period as it is during this decade that rock and roll emerged, and it was also the golden age of television. Both had a lot of influence on men hairstyle since one gave birth to the rockabilly culture and the other helped to spread its influence. In this age, the pompadour was very popular, and greaser hairstyles were also the in thing.

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