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Long hairstyles for men

Long hairstyles for men

Traditionally men used to keep short hairs as this was considered more masculine. However, this varied from one society to the other because keeping long strands was a symbol of being triumphant in battles for some cultures. In the modern era, long men haircuts are as trendy as short ones and are just as masculine and decent. As more men discover that they can keep long locks and still look elegant, different styles have come up. Some variations of female hairdo have also been given adjustments to make them suitable for men. Whether you like intricately designed long strands or something simple that you can wear to the office or for a dinner, there is something for you. And the best thing with long men haircuts is that there is something for everyone whether it’s a mature man or a boy who likes fancy cornrow designs. With these headdresses, you only need to figure out what works well for your face shape and hair type (length) and also what is on trend, and you are good to go. Styling should never be a problem because long strands are easy to work with but the best thing you can do is to use the services of a professional barber or stylist.

Types of Modern Long Men Haircuts

It would be inaccurate to give an accurate number to the modern long haircuts for men currently available because apart from the fact the new variations are always coming up any man can also create his unique style. However, some have been around for many years, and they form the inspiration for most of the new ones. These styles can also come in many designs to fit the face shape and hair type of any man. The following are some of these long simple hairdos for men.

Mullet Haircuts

A short front section and a longer back are what characterize the mullet hairdo. It is a classic style that has been around for many years, but a while back it used to be considered a low-class cut. However, with the coming of fancier modern variations of this hairdo this notion has since changed and it is steadily becoming one of the popular long haircuts for men. Over the years, this cut has been given many nicknames such as “Ape-Drape”, “10-90”, “Short-Long” and “Napoleon Haircut”. There are many other nicknames since just like many other hairdos the name varies from one place to the other. A mullet is very easy to wear and maintain provided you have the right length. To wear this hairdo, you only need a pair of scissors to trim the top while leaving the back hairs, at least, shoulder length. Maintenance will only require combing and the use of products and also the occasional trims. The greatest advantage with a mullet is that it is easy to wear, but it also has a demerit because some people still consider it low-class, and it may also look funny if not cut correctly. This style will work well for men with thick, long and straight strands and also an oval or round face shape. The color does not matter a lot for this style but going with darker shades or natural color will look more attractive.

Braids Hairstyles

In some parts of the world rows is a synonym for braids and although they are more popular with ladies they also make an incredible headdress for men. Men have discovered how to add a touch of masculinity to this traditional hairdo and in the process, they have created different braid styles. Whereas most of them involve weaving the hair back, other more elaborate braiding techniques end at the center of the head. You also have the option to design your braids into a man bun at the center of the head. The main advantages of braids are that they are relatively easier to wear compared to other styles, and they are also neater. But they also have demerits since they may take longer than other hairdos to weave. To wear braids, you need to have a long hair, but you can add extensions if you have short strands. You also have to choose from the various designs available like French or Dutch braids. Braids work for all types of hair, but men with asymmetrical face shapes or elongated foreheads should avoid weaving their strands as they do not look very attractive.

Emo Haircuts

The Emo culture started in the 80’s, and it has undergone a lot of transformation in the past three decades. Although many things make this culture what it is, funky hair is one of its primary symbols. Emo is a manifestation of the punk music culture, and it features a fresh and fashionable look that comes from having vibrant and bright colors on your strands. The Emo haircut is all about individualism and so it is inaccurate to bracket them into a few particular types. Individualism is one of its biggest merits as you can almost be sure of a unique look by choosing to have it. The only notable disadvantage is that it only looks good with long dark strands that have some highlights and so if you do not have this hair type you cannot have the Emo look.

Cornrows Hair

Cornrows are also often referred to as just rows or braids, and they are among the most popular hairdos for men with long strands. What makes them unique is that they have many designs, and you do not have to keep very long hairs to weave the cornrows on your head. With the cornrow, the options are unlimited as you can have different styles if you are creative enough or use the services of a skilled and experienced stylist. The simple cornrows move in straight rows from the front to the back but there are others that come in more intricate designs and even crisscrossing patterns. Rows are very simple to wear no matter what design you choose to have. The only thing needed is to know how to make them, but they are not suitable for everyone. They expose all your facial features and so if you want to hide something they may not be the best hairdo. David Beckham and Jared Leto are perfect examples of celebrities that have rocked the cornrows in the past.

Men Ponytails

Ponytails are very elegant and depending on how you style them they can have different names such as fishtails and pigtails. They are a perfect idea for men who do not want to spend a lot of time styling their locks as you can have a ponytail by just pushing back your strands and tying them with a hair band. However, they also have a disadvantage as they will only look good when worn on long strands. Ponytails are a good idea for a long firm hair because if you tie weak strands, they will become more vulnerable and eventually break. They also go well with round, oval, and square face shape because by pulling the locks behind you accentuate these face shapes. Example of celebrities that like to wear this fantastic hairdo includes Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo DiCaprio

Dreadlock Hairstyles

Dreadlocks are more popular with African American men because the texture and volume of their hairs make it easier to make them. These locks are a very versatile headdress, and they also require minimal maintenance when compared to other long men haircuts. With some nicely done locks, you can be able to wear other styles such as braids, man bun, Mohawk, and ponytails. They are also very simple to wear provided you have some long firm strands. Since it is tough to do the dreads on your own, you should always have them done by an expert. For this hairdo color does matter and so you should keep them dark for a masculine look. Although there are many celebrities and sports stars with dreads Lil Wayne is probably the most famous of them all.

Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

Shaggy hairstyles were the in thing in the 60’s and 70’s, but they have come back in trend in the last couple of years. The rugged look of the strands characterizes this hairdo, and those who do not know what they are can think that a man just forgot to comb his hairs. Although they might look very straightforward, these styles will still require some effort to wear. First you have to trim your long locks uniformly before you can style them and then arrange them in layered waves for the rugged look. However, you can also create a shaggy hairdo by simply running your fingers through your hair. You will also need to use some gel or any other hold product to keep the locks in place. Actor Travis Van Winkle likes to wear shaggy hairs, but his locks are usually medium length.

Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair


A man bun involves more than just pulling all your hairs together and folding them in before tying with a band or pinning. Although this is the main thing that characterizes this hairdo, there are still several other things that you need to do to get this style, and there are also different variations. One of the most attractive designs that you can wear involves bringing together dreadlocks or braids and rolling them into a man bun at the center of the head. Although it has many merits due to its ease of wearing this style also has some disadvantages such as the fact that if you get used to pulling your strands together tightly, it may lead to the weakening of your strands and breakages. This hairstyle will be suitable for any hair type provided it is long enough because short strands will not form the full and round design at the center or back that is characteristic of the style.

Professional Hairstyles for Men

You do not always have to shave your strands short to wear a formal style as you can still have it with your long locks. The idea behind a professional hairstyle is to keep it simple and neat, and this is also pretty easy with longer locks. There are many professional hairdos you can choose for your long hairstyle, but most of them will involve tying your hairs into ponytails or buns as this looks more decent and hence professional. Whatever you choose should go with your face shape and hair type, for example, a half up pony looks fantastic with curly hairs while a low pony is perfect for long straight locks. Some celebrities with some neat and very attractive professional headdresses include Joe Manganiello, Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale and Tom Cruise.

Long Surfer Hairs

Long surfer hairs are typically layered, shaggy and often shoulder length. They are very attractive hairdos for men who want to wear a carefree, casual look, and they are perfect for the outdoors. Although they might look plain and simple getting the perfect one will require you to do some creative trimming to get the perfect layers and messy look. They go well with any hair type as the scissors will do the magic regardless of how your strands look like or their texture. However, long surfer hairs look best when worn by men with round faces as they will frame their faces nicely for an elegant finish.

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Shoulder Length Styles

For the shoulder length hairstyles you have the freedom to let your locks flow naturally by combing them neatly. However, you can also give them some fancy styling like braiding or coloring for a perfect finish.

Wavy Hairdos

If you have a naturally wavy hair then you will not even have to do any further styling or cuts for an excellent look as these strands already look fantastic. In case you prefer to experiment on the waves, you can try styling them into a ponytail or a man bun.

Curly Headdresses

Curls always make a perfect hair whether they are part of a different style, or they are left to flow naturally after being scissor trimmed for an additional texture. For curly hair, you should use a quality product to give them an excellent hold and shine.

Classic Styles

You can also go with classic hairdos for your long locks by wearing styles like the mullet or a pompadour. These styles have been around for many decades and will never go out of trend, and so they are also a good idea for your long locks.

Mohawk and Faux Hawks

Mohawks and faux hawks can also be a long strands style, and they are also as easy to have as in shorter strands. You only need to shave the sides smoothly, or scissors trim them while leaving the long locks in the middle section to create a Mohawk or the faux.

Highlight for Long Locks

Colors work better on long strands than any other sizes, and if you choose the right shades for your highlights, then you can be sure that you will look outstanding. However, to maintain a bold look you should go with darker hues because brighter ones are more feminine than masculine.

Undercut Haircuts

Whether you want to pull your locks into a man bun or ponytail, braid them or just have them flowing freely over your back, undercuts can help spice up the look. The buzzed sides and back enhance the style of the longer section and also make you look trendy.

Natural Afro

The afro is a simple hairdo popularized by African American students half a century ago, and it is one of the most common styles for men with long hair. This haircut involves combing out you long locks into a ball like design that extends out of the head. It is best suited for black hair due to its texture but in this modern era anyone can use some hair products to get the afro texture required for this style.

Long Mohawks

Long Mohawks are characterized by buzzing, fading or tapering the sides while leaving your long strands in the middle section of the head. You can braid the long hairs in the middle, make them messy or just pull them back into a ponytail. Although most men will concentrate on the design of the long section what you do to the short sides will also determine how your headdress will look.

Spiky Locks

You will need to use a generous amount and a high-quality hold product to make your long strands spiky, but the final results are worth all the effort. The main advantage of the spiky hair is that it gives you versatility in styling. You can have it as free flowing spikes or get some undercuts for an intricate finish.


Flow hairstyles are probably the most popular for men with long locks as they involve almost no styling at all. To wear this headdress all you have to do is to let your hairs flow naturally by pushing them back. You can also add a twist to the style by introducing Flippies or wings. For long hair, the wings are added at the back by flipping up the tips.

Boys Long Hairstyles

How to Style long hair

Celebrity stylist Mark Bustos on how to tackle long hair:

Styling long hair shouldn’t be a problem if you know the exact look that you want to get. First you need to make sure that your strands are clean and well conditioned before you can style them. However, it is important to note that you should not work on your hairs without first air drying or towel drying them. Once dry you can use a hot tool to straighten the locks if you do not intend to wear a curly or wavy style. After this, you can now braid or weave the locks into the style that you want.

Tips and Tricks for Long Men Hair

  • Never brush your long locks when they are wet. Wet hairs are very fragile and hence more prone to getting damaged.
  • Always use a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce friction as it is one of the leading causes of hair breakage. Most men may not know this, but the type of pillow you use will affect hair health.
  • Only use natural or organic products on your hair because chemicals are bad news for your long locks. You should also avoid using hot tools on them as much as possible.
  • You should always brush your hair gently no matter how tangled it may be. If you do no comb gently you may cause breakage.

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