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Crew Cut and High and Tight Hairstyles for Men

Crew cut and High And Tight Haircut

The crew cut and the high and tight are classic men’s hairstyles that are very popular in the sporting and military fields. This article is going to cover and detail the features and differences of each type of hairstyle, their species, origin, historical facts, different names and recommended products care.

High and Tight Haircut


One important aspect of every man’s haircut is a properly done high and tight. As the name suggests, it is basically a short haircut for men where the hair at the sides and the back is buzzed short while the hair at the top of the head remains longer, but no longer than two inches. The key to achieving this cut is paying particular attention to differences in length.There are numerous variations of the hairstyle including the military high and tight and the high and tight crew cut, just to mention but a few. With the former, there is no concise variation of the edges between the hair on the top of the head and the hair at the sides and the back. On the other hand, the high and tight crew cut is contoured to conform to the shape of the head with the hair on the top of the head graduated in length while the hair at the sides and the back is cut short. Beginning in the 1980s, the high and tight crossed over from the military to the civilian world and has been a hit ever since.

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Marine High and Tight Haircut

A marine’s haircut is one of the few defining forms of individuality. The high and tight haircut has been the face of the marines since the 1950s. At the beginning of their careers, marines wear high and tights, but as time goes by, they gradually adopt fades. Marines attest to the fact that these haircuts are a great influential benefit to their high end prominent characters.

Crew Cut


Definitions form dictionary.com:
noun: a closely cropped haircut for men, originating in the US
Word Origin:From the style of haircut worn by the boat crews at Harvard and Yale Universities.

If you are looking to accentuate your facial features and achieve a more defined face, then you need not look further than the crew cut hairstyle. While it may seem a tad difficult to differentiate between the crew cut and the high and tight, it is imperative to note that with crew cut, the hair on the top of the head tapers uniformly from the front natural hairline to the back of the crown so that the hair at the front is somehow longer than the hair at the crown. The hair on the sides and the back of the head can actually be of medium or short length. This haircut is classed as short hair because the longest hair is typically no more than an inch. Many people presume that it got its name from the US military. In reality, the haircut came into existence in the 1890s, and it was adopted by the army after the end of the World War II.

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Long Crew Cut

Long hair was particularly popular in the 1960s, but the long crew cut gained its fame in the 70s. The crew cut is probably one of the realest and most embraced men’s hairstyles since it flatters all men regardless of age. It is very similar to the Ivy League haircut, but the hair is long enough to be styled to one side.

Medium Crew Cut

This style of cutting starts with hair of uniform length at the front tapering uniformly towards the crown of the head with the sides and the back being of medium height.

Short Crew Cut

When it comes to embracing short hair, you can never go wrong with a short crew cut. As one of the most common short military haircuts, it sets itself apart as a simple cut that suits almost any face shape and hair type. The short and tight haircut, for instance, defines one masculine features and gives an athletic look. Not only is it a timelessly stylish style but also a cut that creates the illusion of a fuller head thus reducing bald spots.

Tapered Crew Cut

The tapered crew cut is a relatively simple hairstyle with the top of the head trimmed short and the rest of the head trimmed even shorter.

Military Haircut Styles

Not until long ago, military hairstyles used to be exclusively associated with military personnel and ultraconservative men. But thanks to the internet, the haircut has revolutionized to a one size fit all classical trend for every man looking to make a fashion statement or attract an admirer. There are over ten types of military haircuts with each sharing a common feature – conformance as super easy maintenance styles. Given that none of the hairstyles exceed the two-inch mark, they all blend perfectly with the military lifestyle to ensure that hair does not get caught inside the helmet or even worse block one’s visual field. There is really no need to look all glamorous when facing a catastrophic enemy situation, right? At the same time, you need not be in the military to rock these types of haircuts. Regardless of age, all men look superb with a military haircut. Once you get into the camp, you are welcomed with the induction cut. Essentially, it is the type that is meant to make you adopt a respect-demanding powerhouse symbol since you will be left with virtually no hair. Alternatively, the butch cut is an enhancement of the induction cut with all the hair on the head clipped with no more than five clippers. And as the rank goes up, so does the hair length. The regulation cut is a style that is enjoyed by higher ranking individuals who are allowed to grow up to two inches of hair at the top of the head with the sides rapidly tapering down on the extreme ends. The crew cut is another famous haircut which has been embraced most notably by the military and sportsmen alike. Rumor has it that the military haircut is one such style that has the power to make any woman fall head over heels for you. We all know that it is every man’s dream to have girls at their disposal, and certainly, I would not be left out on the easy puzzle.

Military Fade Haircut

A military fade is a type of haircut where the hair is done to gradually decrease in length especially on the sides and the back until it tapers off to one’s skin. With the exception of military personnel, the hair at the top of the head can be of any length and can also end up at varying heights on the side and back of the head. Barely an inch long, the high tight fade puts more emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones thus accentuating your look.

Recon Haircut

Most people think that the recon is similar to the high and tight, but the truth of the matter is that it is hugely inclined towards the flattop. Walk into any barbershop and ask for a recon and, believe me, you will end up with a style that looks more or less like a military cut. Many barbers assume that a recon is just another term for a military cut. It might seem pretty easy to do a high and tight recon, but the trick sets in with the flat top section. An ultimate recon look should end up with a flat looking top and a sharp overall look, more like a work of art.

Stylish Military Haircuts

There has been an increasing interest in military inspired haircuts for men. But the high and tight still dominates the list. The primary reason behind this fact is that it is known to make the face look more attractive. Other popular military haircuts are the flat top, fade, burr, butch and the crew cut.

Army Cut Hairstyle

I do not know much about other divisions, but I sure seem to have at least a small understanding of Army haircuts. Ideally, it can be almost safe to associate the army with badass designs and perhaps stylistically crazy haircuts even though the high and tight haircut still cuts across this branch of the military.

Brush Cut Men

The hair at the top is trimmed to uniform length while the hair at the sides and the back is cut to resemble a crew cut. The hair is then combed up so that it mimics a brush. It is an all-time style for any man who has limited time to worry about their hair. Not only does it allow for easy upkeep but also daily style variations.

For Teens

For Boys

Crew cuts have exclusively swept men and boys of all ages off their feet due to their low maintenance and excellent appearance. Having your son go through a kid’s crew cut can be the most rewarding gift you can ever give to them. Crew cuts couldn’t be easier!

How to Cut

How to Cut a High and Tight

It is extremely easy to do this haircut, you only need to be careful to keep the top strip at the center as well as the horizontal parietal line that separates the hair on the top and the hair on the sides and the back, otherwise, the haircut will not be a high and tight.

Blunt High and Tight Hair Cut Tutorial

High and Tight Wavy Skin Fade with Hard Part

High and Tight Faux Hawk

How to Do a Crew Cut

With a crew cut, the sides and the back need to be cut to a uniform length depending on the style of preference. The hair at the top needs to be tapered down gradually from the frontline to the crown of the head by switching different guard sizes.

How to cut Crew Cut

Crew Cut Skin Bald Fade Hair Tutorial

How to Cut a Military Haircut

A military haircut is mostly defined by the edges. The hair on the top should be maintained slightly longer while the hair around the back and the sides should be precisely finished off tightly along the natural hairline. The entire head is cut using an electric razor or clipper cut with different sized attachments over the razor depending on length variations.

Military Flattop Hair Cut

Men’s Military Haircut Technique

How to Tell Your Barber What You Want

We have all experienced the feeling of exasperation after ending up with a haircut that we do not agree to. More often than not, we blame the barber, yet we are the ones who most likely gave them vague descriptions.

How to Ask Your Barber for A crew Cut

Ask your barber to give you about half an inch of hair on the front line fading down to a quarter inch at the crown. The transition effect should be achieved by using different guard sizes to ensure that the top is faded from the front to the crown. The sides and the back should be short and of uniform length.

How to Ask Your Barber for a High and Tight Haircut

Ask your barber to put two guards or more on your clippers then buzz the top of the head and reduce its length smoothly towards the crown. Guards should be changed to a lower size for the sides and the back. It is important to remember that there has to be a clear defining line so that the top strip can be cut smoothly without fading into the sides.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is always advisable to tell the barber exactly how you want the final cut to be. This means that you will have to give clear instructions on how you want the final cut to shape out and also the number of clippers you want.
  • Go for clippers that are of superior quality to ensure longevity and service.

Recommended Hair products

  • Hair clippers – for clipping your scalp hair, sideburns, and beard
  • A mirror – for giving yourself haircuts
  • A pair of scissors
  • Hair wax and gel
  • Styling lotion pomade

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