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Buzz cut for men

Most men like to keep short haircuts for two main reasons one being that they are very easy to cut and secondly because they require almost no maintenance at all. Apart from the two reasons these cuts are also very decent and they are perfect for formal and professional looks. Short haircuts are also very versatile because with some creativity you can transform them into a casual look. Of the many short hairdos available the buzz cut is one of the most popular for men of all ages and even for young boys. This cut is also one of the most widespread as you can find it in almost all parts of the world.

No one can say with certainty when this cut was discovered or even where because artifacts and paintings from different cultures across the world and ancient civilizations portray a variation of the buzz cut. The most logical explanation is that once people discovered ways of cutting their hair they also soon realized that they could look even more attractive by leaving very short strands. However, the most important thing is that the Buzz is still here and just getting better with new variations and designs, and so its origin is not all that important.

The Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut is a term used to describe a short haircut that is uniform throughout the head, and it is cut exclusively with the Clippers. The appearance that is created by the Clippers when shaving the hair is what gives it its distinct look and no matter how skilled a barber might be it is very challenging to try and cut it with anything else like the scissors. Many different haircuts are often referred to as buzz cut, and the most famous ones include the crew cut, burr, flattop, Butch and the high and tight. Types of this cut can also be classified according to the clippers number used to shave them.

The Crew Cut

The crew cut is a type of buzz cut, and it is usually made by cutting hair short on the sides and back then buzzing the top. Although it is often classified as a type of buzz, it is also a distinct haircut that also has several types or variations. The most common variations of the crew cut include high and tight crew and the curly top crew cut. Understanding what a crew cut is will help make the buzz easier to master.

Buzz Cut Lengths:

Long Buzz Cuts

This haircut is referred to as a high buzz, but when compared to other hairstyles it is very short. The hairs in this cut are maintained at slightly less than an inch, and a uniform length is kept throughout the head. It is typically shaved with the Clippers on number seven.

Medium Buzz Cut

The medium buzz is shorter than the long but not as low as the zero buzz. It is shaved using numbers three or four, and is suitable for those who prefer to keep something that is in between

Short Cuts

For this, you need to use number one or number two depending on the height you want the hair to have. The hair very short and it creates a look that can be mistaken for hair that is just starting to grow.

Zero Buzz Cut

This cut is known as the zero buzz cut as it is created when the Clippers are set at level zero, and the aim of the haircut is to reduce the hair to a very low level, but this is not balding. Most people often confuse it with a smooth shave, and it takes a lot of skills to cut it without creating a balding effect.

Number 1 Buzz Cut

Number 2 Buzz Cut

Number 3 Buzz Cut

Number 4 Buzz Cut

Different Variations of This Cut

Ivy League Cut

This is similar to a crew cut but what makes it distinct is that it is several numbers longer. The Ivy League can have the top trimmed with scissors but for it to be a true buzz everything should be clipper done.


A flat top is a fade cut that has a uniquely shaped crown. What makes the top different is that when it is styled with some wax, it creates a flat surface. It should be clipped creatively to get the flat surface, and the top should be anywhere between half an inch and one inch long.

Brush Cut

This haircut is similar to the flattop with short sides and back and a quarter or half an inch at the top. However, what makes it a sharp cut is that the hair is then combed in a way to make the top resemble bristles of a brush, and this is how it gets the name.

Butch Cut

A Butch is a longer version of the Burr, and the hair is clipped to a uniform length that is about an eighth of an inch or shorter. It is the type of cut that new recruits in the military like to wear or are instructed to have.

The Fade


The fade is a very versatile hairstyle that can be found in almost all cuts that you can think of. For the buzz cut variation, it is a skin fade that starts with a medium buzz at the top and finishes with a skin shave on the sides and back


This is almost similar to the fade, but the only difference is that the hair kept is longer and instead of being faded it is tapered as you move from the crown to the sides and back of the head. It is suitable for men who wish to get the buzz but would like to maintain some length.

With Mohawk

There are two ways that a man can wear a buzz in a Mohawk. First they can keep the traditional Mohawk design and then have the sides buzzed. Secondly, they can shave a uniquely buzzed Mohawk by maintaining about an inch in the middle, and the sides cut close. The middle hair should also have a buzz look like for example the brush look.

Side Buzz Cut

The side buzz cut is what can be found on a Mohawk where only the sides are buzzed. For this cut, the middle hairs that should also be longer can take any distinct style that the wearer prefers.

Modern Crew Cut

What makes the current crew haircut unusual is that it tries to move away from the boundaries of the traditional one by keeping more length at the top and also on the sides and back. Some men even get a fade on the sides and back for a more stylish and modern look.

Buzz Cut with Beard

Buzz Cut and beard

Military Buzz Cut

Military Buzz cut and Crew cut

Balding Buzz Cut

Asian Buzz and Crew cut

Buzz Cut for Boys

What makes the buzz cut for men different from what boys like to get is the size of the hair kept and how it is cut. Men prefer to keep a medium length that is more decent and equal in length throughout and is either faded or tapered. Boys, on the other hand, are experimental and can go with extra short or high buzz with some designs on the side.

Celebrities with Buzz Cuts

Brad Pitt

Brad has some nicely textured thick natural hair and so over the years he has tried almost all the buzz cut designs you can think of.

Zac Efron

Unlike Brad, Zac Efron is more conservative, and so he has only been spotted with buzz cuts that maintain some medium or long hairs such as the Butch.

David Beckham

The best buzz cut that David Beckham has worn over the years is the Ivy League, and he looked fantastic on it. And this explains why he has worn it on countless occasions.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is always changing his looks and just like Brad Pit he has tried everything from the Burr cut to the Ivy League.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake prefers to wear medium buzz cuts, but a few years ago he wore a modern crew cut for some time.

4 Steps to Growing Out a Buzz Cut

  • Step 1: Keep trimming and styling as this will not only aid in faster growth but also ensure uniformity.
  • Step 2: Stay hydrated since longer hairs will require more moisture to prevent poofing out.
  • Step 3: Find the ideal place to part your hair as this will help it grow with the right flow.
  • Step 4: Pick a style and start playing with different looks once you have a couple of inches.

The Best Buzz Length for You

No universal buzz size will be suitable for all men. The best length for you will depend on your preferences and also on the particular cut that you want. However, the shorter the hair the more buzzed it will look but overall any length that you feel comfortable in is what is the best for you.

How to Do the Buzz Cut

How to Cut a Buzzcut

Crew Cut Skin Fade Tutorial

If you have long locks the first step in creating the buzz cut will be to cut them with the scissors but make sure you leave a couple of inches as the clippers will do the rest. Before u start with the clippers, you should first determine the length that you want and the appearance that you wish to have so as to choose a suitable number. Once this is figured out, you should start with the sides and back and finish with the top. Clippers are very comfortable to use, but only a skilled barber can give you a perfectly buzzed out haircut.

Here’s how to buzz at home—plus expert advice on the easiest way to give yourself this low-maintenance haircut

Can Men With Thinning or Receding Hair Have This Cut?

The best thing about the buzz haircut is that it offers a variety of designs to choose from, and so there is something for everyone no matter what type of hair they have. Also, given the fact that the hair is very short, you can have the cut on any hair including thinning and receding. However, for the hairdo to look fantastic, some creativity and a good choice of buzzcut are essential. For example, for thinning hair, the secret is to try and keep it as short as possible and for the receding hair you should make use of different fade techniques to get a perfect buzz. If done right, the buzz cut is one of the best hairdos for receding hair.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Buzz

  • Have the right head shape by choosing a buzz cut that goes well with your particular form. However, if you do not have a symmetrical shape, then it may be a good idea to avoid this cut.
  • Never try to use anything else other than the clippers for your buzz cut and make sure you know what all the guard numbers are used for
  • Buzz cuts do not always have to be length zero, and so a good way to get an incredible look is to leave an extra height.
  • Try a faded buzz haircut as you will probably like it.
  • Check this out: How to Maintain a Perfect Buzz (Cut)

Face Shape and Hair Type Recommendations/ Contraindications

Men with oval, square and circle face shape are best suited for this cut because it is very short. Due to the hair length, it is impossible to conceal you face shape and so men with symmetrical face shapes will look best with these haircuts. However, it is suitable for almost all hair types because very short hair is maintained. Men with elongated foreheads should avoid this cut as they will not have any hair to cover it.

Recommended Products

Since in most buzz cuts the hair is very short, you will require very few products with the most important one being a mild shampoo for cleaning the hair. Apart from this, you should also use some wax or gel if you have a longer top like in the flattop or Ivy League. Natural or organic creams can also come in handy in maintaining hair health and also to give it a shine.

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