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Braids and Cornrows Men Hairstyles

Braids and Cornrows Men Hairstyles

Hair braiding has been done for centuries and in fact, historical evidence indicates that it is one of the oldest hairstyles if not the oldest. It can be traced back to different civilizations across the world, but most evidence pointed its origins to Africa several centuries ago. However, regardless of where it started and how long it has been practiced it has spread across the world, and there are now more ways to do braids and cornrows than any other time in history.

Braiding is a type of art that can be divided into different genres but no matter how you classify the styles and techniques you can always bring everything together into two broad categories that are braids and cornrows men hairstyles.. As a man these are among the styles that you should try at some point and so knowing how they are done will help you get the best as and when you desire to have them.

The different Types of Braids and Cornrows

Braids with Bun

Adding a modern touch to hairstyle by combining two distinct designs will always make it look fabulous. A good example of this is the attractive style that brings together the braids and the man bun. Here there are several ways to do it, for instance, you can plait the hair and then bring it together and tie it into a bun at the center of the head and add some twist to it by tying it higher than the regular bun.

French Braid

The French Braid is magnificent and even if you do not like this type of hairstyle, it is worth trying out. It involves a single intricately weaved lock that may look quite complicated, but if you know the basics of plaiting hair, it should be very simple. You can do in many ways like folding it into a bun or giving it some undercuts. It looks great on most men, but African American men will look better in this style.

African Hair Braids and Cornrows

Natural African hair is thick, voluminous, has some nice texture and can even be described as hard. All these characteristics give it an advantage when it comes to styling as it can be made into almost anything. You can try any braid style with natural hair but most prefer some cornrows but those bold enough shave the sides and back leaving the lines on the crown only.

Big Cornrows / Braids

Big cornrows and braids are easy and faster to wear, and you can even do them yourself if you have basic weaving skill. You can have as few as two big size braids or a couple more, but their greatest shortcoming is that they require the hair be longer, and it’s hard to maintain them for long.


There are many looks to choose from when it comes to plaits for men, and some are as simple as a few weaved locks on the sides to more intricate braids. However, you can look good in anything you choose provided it is made to go with your face shape and skin tone.

For Short Hair

It is amazing just how very short hair can be made into some exquisite braid or cornrows. Provided you have the right skills or use the services of someone experienced in weaving then you can get some amazing locks or cornrows from your short hair. You can even choose to create short dread styles by trimming your locks.

For Medium Hair

Medium hairs offer a lot of versatility as it makes it possible to wear your braid and cornrows in any manner starting from those for short hairs to those for longer ones. With medium sized hair, you are free to do anything with the hair and your only limitation will be your creativity.

For Long Hair

Some men will even add some synthetic hair to wear long braids, but if you have a naturally longer hair, you will look even more fantastic in this hairstyle. For the braids, you can weave then in any style that you want but make sure that you maintain the length. The cornrows should be straight and flow to the back and their ends resting on your back


Dreadlocks require a lot of patience to have, but once you have them, there are many hairdos that you can wear. For example, you can weave the locks into a French braid or a few smaller braids. Another great option is to make locks that look like braids.

The Back Braids and Cornrows

Back braids are the most popular mainly because they are simple to wear for any hair size and they also look immaculate. For these braids, all that you need to do is to weave them straight towards the back of the head.

The Box Braids

The best thing about box braids is that they are easy to do, and so you can do them yourself. There are also very many designs to choose from plus the option of coming up with a unique one. You can have them as ponytails, buns or twists but is important to have the right length and to prepare your hair before weaving.

With Mohawk

With Mohawks the plaited hair can form the middle hair or the hair on the sides and all that is required is some creativity. If you want the braids on the middle, then you should shave the sides close. And if you want the cornrows on the sides, then you should leave a longer hair that is styled up in the middle.

Scalp Braid Hairstyles

Sometimes you just want to have something fast that you can wear to a special event and this is a perfect example as all that is needed is to weave the hair tightly so as to expose the scalp and this creates a very nice pattern.

Cornrows on the Side

Side rows can be a part of a Mohawk as mentioned above or part of any other style such as the pompadour or side parted high top. In the pompadour, you can have the lines below it just after the side-part line to make your cut more attractive.

Braided Dreadlocks

If you have dreadlocks, and you are not sure what to do to them to make them look more outstanding braiding may offer you the solution that you are looking for. One way to do this is to weave your thin locks into a couple of braids or the elegant French twist.

Updo Styles

Men are used to cornrows that flow to the back, but there are many other ways to do them like the updo styles. For the updo, the rows should flow towards the center of the head where they will be pulled together in a bun or any other creative updo style

Micro Braids

Micro braids are also referred to as the invisible braids since they are subtle and, most people will have a hard time figuring out the style you are wearing. The trick behind wearing them is using the services of a skilled and experienced hairstylist as not everyone can create good looking ones.

Braid on the Top of Head

Some men or even a majority of men like to keep longer hairs at the crown with the sides skin shaved or faded. The long top is then styled into different hairdos such as spikes or bangs. However, you can also get braids on your long section and then tie them in a bun or topknot at the crown.

Asian Braids and Cornrows

What makes the Asian cornrows distinct is that most of them prefer to weave the sides while leaving the hair in the middle natural and pushed back. This style looks incredible on them probably due to their Asiatic look and also because they have long soft hair.

For Boys

As a parent, it’s only natural to experiment with your young boy’s hair as you try to get the perfect look for him. However, when they grow older, they start caring more about their look and so will want to have a greater say on the type of braids or cornrows that they wear. Young boys like something that will make them stand out and so some fresh designs and patterns or some color will be perfect.

For Kids

Kids have soft natural hair and it also grows faster than for an adult and hence making it possible for them to wear a variety of hairstyles with cornrows and braids being amount the most popular for young boys. For your boy to look best, you should go with simple braids or cornrows that flow to the back.


Carmelo Anthony

He is well known for his creative and unique rows and braids.


He likes to keep an Afro that he occasionally weaves into cornrows

Sean Paul

This Jamaican star prefers to try different things, but the cornrows are among his favorite.

Allen Iverson

Iverson has worn cornrows almost throughout his entire basketball career.

David Beckham

He is among the few white celebrities that have managed to pull this hairdo perfectly over the years.

How to Make Cornrows and Braids

Braiding Hairstyles

Cornrows are made through braiding, and so you cannot get them if you do not know how to weave your hair into braids. And due to this fact knowing how to do simple or basic braids will open up the possibility of getting all the other styles that involve weaving your hair strands. There are many braiding hairstyles available, but most of them are usually worn by black men. In fact, a high percentage of men who weave their hairs are African Americans, and this is rightfully so because this hairdo looks particularly well on their hair type and skin tone. There are also other forms of braiding such as the Native American braids and the modern crazy twists that try to spice up the style with some innovations. Regardless of how you choose to do yours, it is important also to know that braiding helps the hair to grow faster than other hairdos that involve combing. However, you should make sure that you remove them properly so as not to reverse the positive growth effects.

Braided Top Knot/Man Bun

The Man Bun Braid Tutorial

Braided Man Bun/Top Knot. Tutorial in 2 minutes

Cornrow Styles

There are many ways of braiding the hair and cornrows are one of them and perhaps also one of the most popular. A cornrow is a type of braid that has its origins in Africa, and it involves weaving a strip of hair tightly against the scalp. The original cornrows required a thin strip of hair, but nowadays there are many modern variations such as the thick cornrows, others made into a ponytail at the center of the head and also some extra large ones that are very few on the head. Despite all the variations the simple designs remain the most popular mainly because they can be done on almost any hair provided it has a length of at least three inches.

How to Style Men Cornrow style, Loc Tutorial

Basic Cornrows

Braiding Cornrows

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Historical Facts

These styles have their roots in Africa, but there is still evidence that other civilizations had different variations.

Black Slaves that worked as house helps in white people’s houses are credited with creating most of the modern designs as these were the only styles they could wear to look neat at all times as required by their masters.

Ancient artifacts dating as far as 3000 BC depict women in the Sahara desert with cornrows and hence this makes them one of the oldest hairstyles to be documented.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Braids and Cornrows

  • Keep your hair as natural as possible and also very long as it will look best this way.
  • Clean and condition it before braiding and also, make sure that you dry it with a towel or sun.
  • Always keep things simple because overdoing always leads to bad results.
  • Do not try to replicate or copy other people because what looks good on somebody else will not necessarily look as good for you
  • For the best results use a skilled and experienced hairstylist as they know exactly how to make you look good according to your hair type and face shape.

Face Shape and Hair Type are Crucial

Thick voluminous and nicely textured hair is the best for these hairdos, and this is the main reason they are more popular with black men as their locks fit these characteristics. However, certain styles such as the back cornrows can go well with almost all types of hair. Even if you do not have the right hair with the use of products and creative weaving you can have anything you want. For the face shapes, round, oval and square will look best in braids and cornrows. Men with elongated foreheads should avoid them as they will make this physical feature more visible.

Recommended Products

  • Mild shampoo for cleaning braids and cornrows men hairstyles.
  • Moisturizing products are important, but it is advisable to avoid unnatural ones like mineral oils. Instead, you should go for natural ones such as almond and coconut oil.
  • Lastly, you also need a quality sealing product.

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