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Bowl cut and Mushroom haircut

Bowl cut for men

A bowl haircut is a plain hairstyle that entails a cut hair, which comes with a straight fringe that falls over the forehead, all through the rest of the head. It comes with an even length all along. Also, it could be long on the sides and the back and shorter on the front.

Hairstyles come in different shape and styles. Some are specifically meant for men, while others can be worn by both women and men. The bowl cut hairdo is one hairstyle that is commonly worn by men. It is closely associated with the Asians, though many people are wearing the style to bring back the classical look. This hairdo is unique in its appearance, and it is only suitable if you have thick and straight hair. It doesn’t go well with wavy or curly hair.

Bowl cut for men

Modern bowl cut

This hairdo is the most recent, and it entails sides and back that are cropped. The top section then hangs over the sides, and it is layered on the right of left of the forehead.

Short bowl cut

This one is more ideal for short hair since it only hangs towards the line of the forehead. The short hair will hang over the ears. Also, the back is shaved to allow the hair to hang along the nape of the neck.

Long bowl cut

With the long hair bowl cut, it entails a hairdo that is long on the sides and the back. The front part will cover the forehead, and the other areas of the head will also be covered with the long hair that is curved.

Asian bowl cut

You might notice this style among many Asian, especially boys and young adults. The style looks like a bowl that is inverted, and it will cover the forehead and the ears as well. It is believed that the Asian wear the haircut as a reminder of the hard times they went through during their development period. Others believe that the hairdo is meant to signify the athleticism, intelligence and confidence of Asian.

Chinese bowl cut

The Chinese bowl cut is almost similar to the Asian, but this one looks thicker. It appears like a cap that covers the entire face and some part of the cheeks.

Soup bowl haircut

This hairstyle looks like a bowl of soup, and it will appear to hang over the eyebrows, and it will also cover the ears. With this style, the entire head looks covered with the hair.

Pudding bowl haircut

This is a haircut that is placed over a person’s head that needs the cut. The hairstyle then trims all the hair that hangs below the rim. Finally, the hair will look like a pudding bowl.

Bowl cut with bangs

This is another hairdo that is common among the celebrities. It is also common among women. The front area has the bangs that curve over the forehead. The rest of the body entails straight hair that hangs down to the shoulders.

Chili bowl haircut

This style is unique, and it entails sides and back that are cropped to a low level. The hair should be thick and long enough. It looks like an umbrella on the tip of the head.

Mushroom haircut

This hairdo looks like the shape of a mushroom, and it will hang on every side of the head. It is the best selection if you have the right medium length. It is also known as the mushroom head haircut.

Mushroom cut weave

This is another hairdo that doesn’t need much styling. Regardless of the hairstyle, the weave will be stitched to the head.

Wedge cut hairstyle

This hair style looks almost like an undercut hairstyle. Where the bowl is trimmed towards the back and sides, and it slants downwards.

For boys


Many celebs are known to have this hairdo, most notably the Beatles and Jim Carrey is also a common figure that had the hairdo, in the movie Dumb and Dumber. More Men Are Asking for the Bowl Cut, You Can Blame Robert Pattinson

Jokes around Bowl cut

This is a style that many people make jokes about. Some claim that the first person to have the hairdo worked as a waiter. The man was drinking soup when the boss was away. When the boss stepped in, the man threw the bowl up, but the bowl fell on his head and covered the top. He thought it was his cap, and that is how people started to wear the cut.

How to bowl cut maintenance

Maintaining a bowl haircut is complex, and you will need to have a regular comb and a pair of scissors, if necessary. If you are handling it on your own, you should ensure that you apply the right gel to make it appear smooth and comb it to keep it straight.

How to fix a bowl cut

To fix a bowl haircut, you will need to brush the hair and layer it in the right direction. You can comb it either on the side or straight towards the side, back or front. This will help your hair look straight.

How to do a bowl cut

Before you decide to have this haircut, you will need to ensure that your hair is straight enough so that it can look elegant.

Check this Step-by-Step manual: The New Men’s Bowl Cut from American Crew at behindthechair.com

How to ask your barber for a bowl cut

When you step into the barbershop, you will need to ensure that the hairdo is what you want. Ask them to assess your hair and know if the hairdo will suit you. You can also carry a photo along with you.

Face Shape & Hair Type Recommendations and Contraindications

The best face shape for the bowl haircut is the round face. The bangs that cover the face will cover it, so it will only be suitable for a round face. The best hair type is the straight hair, which will have a shiny surface.

Tips and tricks

The best way to ensure that you have the right style is to confirm that you have straight hair. Choose the right hair gel to make your hair straight. Also, check for the top photos with the hairstyle to have the tips. With the right hair product, and proper maintenance, the bowl haircut will look fresh and clean at all times. If you test and see that the hairstyle will look good on your head, with regard to your face shape, then you are sure of pulling off a classy style.

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