About us

Hi, my name is Max! I know that choose new style is not easy. It was quite difficult to find online what would fit me. You need to search on dozens of sites!

So I decided to make this site – a guide to styles. Here you will find not only the coolest celebrity and fashion models hairstyles, but also the hairstyles of real people (like you and me). And even results of work of the famous and not-so barbers, piping hot.
How will look super star hairstyle in real life? I have gathered for you tons of photos of real people with all kinds of hairstyles! Without the Studio gloss. Often the hairstyles look great on models in the studio or on the stage. No wonder! It’s a huge work of professional stylists. Sometimes before going on stage the star make the hairstyle for several hours! but in real life these hairstyles look quite differently. And not everyone is willing spend time for making hairdress before go somewhere.

Let me give you some tips how to choose the new style:

Check the length and type of your hair, determine your face shape. some hairstyles are ideal only to certain forms of the person and for others they will look not appropriate.
Look at new trends and fashion. Modern styles never stop improving and maybe you will enjoy something from trendy styles.
What celebrity do you like? Check out what hairstyles they have.
What is your occupation or whatever you like to do? Do you love soccer or Hip hop? Browse styles soccer players or hip hop musicians who inspire you, would you look like them?

Do not forget to pay attention to style’s features when you choosing one :

Don’t forget to look at the pros and cons of the new style, I described them for you so you will not disappoint once the deal is done. It’s not very nice when you understand how difficult to take care of a new hairdo, especially if you are not accustomed to dealing with it.
If you’re a lazy, look better styles that do not need to bother with wash, dryer, styling.
To the surrounding did not think something wrong about you, note subcultures which include this hairstyle, what subtext and meaning they have, what history. If they’re suitable for you?
What hair products you don’t hyphenate: pomade? wax? gel? Review our list of recommended care products for your new hairdo before you make it!

If the new look is very important for you and you are not ready for experiments, consult your stylist about your choice. Pick up a few of the most attractive options and discuss each of them with the specialist.

I wish you always look fabulous and I will try to help you with this

Your Max!